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First Day


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Hi Guys

I went to see My Glasgow Councellor yestarday she was lovely.

Started my cd today
had my first shake this morning bananna it was actually really nice
just having my lunch Choc/mint

So can anyone tell me what to expect in the first week i think it is going to be really hard.

Do you guys feel full after the shakes as i was for about 30mins lol does this get better

Thanks for any help provided

Lisa xx:eek:
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Call me Nicky xx
The first week is tough although not for everyone. Some feel fine other have headaches, it just depends on the person. For me the first 4 days were awful, but after that it was much easier. The hunger will wear off once you are in ketosis. If you are struggling then grit your teeth, post on here and keep busy xx


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I've done it twice now. The first time I only lasted 2 weeks as I then went on holiday but the first week was pretty horrendous. I had headaches, felt faint and was permanently hungry. This time around I do have a feeling of light headedness but thats been it really. Good luck!

Roz x


getting slimmer
hi lisa!

i found it easier at first, getting harder, on day 9.
what i find tough is the evenings when i want to, but cant snack, so a few things that help me though.
i split my shake into 2. i have the first half in the morning before i take my son to school, and then the 2nd half at lunch time, 1ish.
then i have a soup when family eats there tea at about 5/6.
so i have a 1 to go.
sometimes this is another 1/2 a shake, and half a bar (really yummy!)
sometimes a whole bar (put in the freezer for an hour - really chewy and takes ages to eat!)
with the ready made shakes you can freeze them into lollys.
theres also a few recipies on here for crisps made of soup!! gonna try them soon.
for me a mixture of halfing them works better. keep going,you'll soon find out what you like and dont like!
keep us informed!
maria xx


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I am now on day 10 and I can honestly say I found the first week ok.

I havent felt hungry at all although I have had loads of cravings for anything remotely carb like!! I just have to remember that being slim tastes better!!

Just try and keep yourself occupied is the key. I even went to aqua aerobics last night which is a first in about 15 years!!

Good luck :)


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It's my first day too so just saying hi to show a bit of support.

I felt full for about 45 minute after my first shake and am now counting down the minutes until 2.30 so I can have another one!!!

I worried about... being cold, having headaches and having ketosis breath. I think it will be hard but worth it, my CDC said that on days 3-5 I should just take painkillers, so my advice would be have a cardi with you, have some painkillers handy and when the blessed ketosis hits, have some breath spray

Good Luck!!! :)


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The first week's not nice! I found i was very grumpy and snapped at my o/h for a couple of days!

I really find that pampering yourself in other ways helps. I've treated myself to a lush bath bomb thingy, face mask, scrub (I even bought some of the weird exfoliating gloves modeled by BB's Mario and Lisa....Oh dear.....) and various lotions and potions (got soap and glory's firminator on recomendation - will let you know what it's like!). When my o/h makes his tea i run a bath and relax for an hour before getting cosy and watching TV in bed. I paint my nails etc etc. It helped me a lot as o/h gets his food 'treat' i get my bath 'treat'! I must stop buying more products though as i'm getting obsessed (and broke)!

Good luck with it! It's worth it in the end!! :D
Hi lisa,

best of luck to you. The first week can be hard well the 1st few days you may feel hungry but you just have to pust through it you dont need food you have everything in your packs. Try and keep busy and post on here.

becky xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
like everyones already said, the first week is the hardest, but after that its plain(ish) sailing, im on week 7 now and can't beilive how quick its gone, although only lost 3lbs yesterday at weigh in but ho hum! xx