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First day

Not as bad as I thought! Got home from work last night the boyo had had a day off and finished cleaning the flat for me(I'd started milatantly with a Clean Body Clean Mind Clean Flat philosophy) which was lovely. Had a glass of wine and Spag Bol in a last supper kind of way (as I'll never be eating so horrifically balanced a meal so lightly again).

Had a hot chocolate this morning, quite nice! I used a blender and a sieve and got a really nice texture and had it in a french coffee bowl I got on holiday as a kid which made it feel really filling. I didn't get hungry until about half an hour before my lunch break so pretty good going!
The vanilla shake I brought to work however was not as succesful.Couldn't find an electric whisk and have now found out that the mini egg whisk doesn't work with anything but eggs. Very lumpy and not as nice a taste as the chocolate. Still quite hungry.
Chicken soup tonight and a hot bath with the natural source bath milk I bought specially to pamper myself and distract myself from food. Totally didn't hit me that being surrounded by the smell of almond and coconut might not be such a good idea!!!! :eek::eek::eek::rolleyes:

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I feel really strong and have passed on 5 biscuit rounds which might not seem much but does feel it.
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My advice with the chicken soup, is to make it with more water then the packet states....add black pepper and maybe other spices to taste. Well done on getting through today.....tonight may be a bit tougher, but you have the right idea pamper yourself in a lovely bath...and the saying is now onwards and downwards.xx


I will do this!!!
Welcome to LT. Any questions or worries come straight on here and i can guarentee someone will be on here to help! Keep going no matter how are it seems because it only gets better.....i promise!
Welcome aboard and good luck.

My advice would be get yourself a smoothie maker/blender and loads of ice. make them up that way and drink through a small straw.

Fills you up more x
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Got to add Chilli powder and ground black pepper to the chicken soup to make it mildly enjoyable!!
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welcome and goodluck :D LT is great xxxx
Well done, it does get easier!!

Good Luck x x x
Thanks guys!

My pharmacist didnt have a shaker because he says you can get them cheaper in tesco but my local didn't have one. I'm sure I'll find something!

Haha I've been searching the forum for chicken soup to get as many ideas as possible to keep myself interested, I'm gonna do one different one a week until I run out. Garam Masala seems to have a fan following so thats what I'm doing with chilli powder! Thanks for the tip about adding more water.

Any questions or worries come straight on here and i can guarentee someone will be on here to help
I did wonder actually about low sodium salt? I know salts a no no but would that be ok? And I've also seen coriander advised, is it ok to use fresh herbs? If so, is it ok to brew your own mint tea with mint leaves? (I'm a bit of a tea nut!).

Sorry to bombard you!


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Hello Rubyslippers, :welcome::wavey:
The low-salt salt is a no-no (too much Potassium) but garam masala is fine Herbs are fine, including mint, coz we can have mint tea (only teas made from leaves, no flowers or roots eg no ginger/lemon/camomile etc)
Hope that helps, Good Luck. xxxx
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you can buy the shakers off e bay i got one for 2-50 which included postage. welcome to lt and glad you are feeling so good and that you doing so well. xxx
Thanks guys for all your support, finished the day well with your good wishes. Didn't get to eat until later than I wanted so was ravenous, but the chicken soup was actually quite nice! Possibly the first time for 10 years I've not put salt on anything for a whole day.

The only odd thing was I got very cold hands in the evening (switched from cold water to a pot of gunpowder green) and weirdly, a temperature for a few hours. Has anyone had this before?

There was a line in my book about a crust of bread and cheese and so I went to bed dreaming of the stuff, therefore I expected to wake up starving but didn't! I wasn't hungry at all and actually had the hot chocolate out of pleasure!

Thanks so much guys, there were times yesterday at work, just staring at the computer screen and dreaming of sausages but visiting here kept my resolve strong and now I feel positive. I know its likely to get worse but as the saying wonderfully seems to be:
onwards and downwards!
well done,keep up the god work,xx
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Well done Ruby, I hope today is going as well as yesterday.

On this diet I find I am always cold! I tend to drink water straight from the fridge, which doesn't help, so often have a hot coffee to warm myself up and have been known to wear socks in bed and/or take a hot water bottle with me! Ridiculous in summer!!!