First day!


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Well i'm sat enjoying a hot choc after my first day on lighter life, still got 1 pack left for some supper, today i've had 1 milkshake, 1 soup and 1 pack split between a hot choc and some ice cream! I was doing really well until my collaegues got the giant double choc chip cookies out! that was a bit gutting! First meeting went well last night, everyone was really nice. Tonight i'm going to play on the wii, have a bath a read a mag, nice and chilled! hope everyone has had a good day, Annie x
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well done annie
keep up the good work
daisy x


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well done on getting this far. Stay in this frame of mind and it'll be a breeze. I found the evenings hard to the wii sounds like a great distraction.
All the best for the next 14 weeks!


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Well done for getting through Day 1, you're on your way!


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Good on you for choosing LL you are on the way to a slimmer you :)we have so many beautiful women on here just look at them for inspiration


Congrats on day 1! I still remember what a huge achivement that felt like in itself, so bravo!

In a few more week's time, you'll look at those cookies in a whole different way that you never thought possible - honest! :)

All the best for Day 2...and 3.....and 4...........and 5....................


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Well done on day 1, now into day 2

Isn't it amazing how quickly the time flys!!