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First day

Hi All
Well this is my first day, ive swapped my usual cup of tea in the morning for a glass of water! Havent had my shake yet thought i would wait for a bit. I really hope i can do this, but it worries me when u feel really shakey, light headed and generally crap that i wont be able to manage with the children, i have 4 lively little boys to look after! I know last time i tried this diet it must have about day 3 or 4 and i could barely get off the sofa i felt awful. Oh well think positive i suppose. Its good i have this site now as i didnt know about it last time so hopefully u guys will get me through any hard times.

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Hiya, love the name

well done on getting started.
i started yesterday with the thought that is things got bad on day 3/4 its the weekend and my DH can take the DS out for the day and leave me on the settee.....maybe you can do the same if its possible

take it one day at a time

look forward to speaking to you loads


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. At least you already know that the first week is the hardest. Once you are through that and have had your first weigh in it gets a lot easier. Keep drinking the water and keep your goals in mind and you will be fine. Good luck and log on anytime for advice or a chat, there's always someone on here.
Well done for doing LT. Have to say that I felt very energised after just a couple of days. It may take you longer, but I promise, hand on heart, it WILL get easier as long as you are 100% sticking to it. Please remember to take bottles of water with you whenever you go out, and sip everytime you remember. This will reduce cravings. Just think that every time you wee, you are ridding your body of unwanted fat...so the more you drink...the more you wee....the more you lose!!!!!!
hi have started LT yesturday hopefully i stick to it lol and hope i feel alrite as ive got work tomorrow and saturday. glad i found this forum really helps listening to other peoples stories good luck to you all x

Hi girls, welcome to you both . It is true once you get through the first week it does get easier. The time seems to go a bit faster . I am nearly finished week 4 now and I dont know where this week went . It just seems to be part of my life now and I dont dwell on it as much. If you feel tired the first week just take it as easy as you can (Iknow not easy with 4 boys!!!) but dont take on anything unnecessary and get some early nights and you will get through. The weigh ins make it all worth while and to see that scale jump in the right direction.. Just moan to us if you have bad days . I gave these girls red ears the first week but their support got me through.


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Hi! ^^ The first day is definitely the hardest but just stick with it and you'll be feeling better in no time at all! Just make sure to keep positive and stock up on water!
Hi and welcome. I know its easier said than done, but just try and rest for a few minutes if you start to feel lightheaded, it should soon pass.