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First Day..

Well I have started Xenical today.. feeling a bit nervous but hoping it comes off alright.

Weighed myself today at 13st 1lb and hoping to get to 11st (maybe to 10st if possible but i'm not holding my breath for that one I'd be happy at 11!)

So here's hoping that it helps!!
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thanks! yes i hope we do well - i'm also feeling really positive today (had a low couple of weeks).

what else are you doing as well as taking xenicol? i'm looking at going to some gym classes again to help :)
I hadn't really thought about it but will probably start swimming again, at least until I've lost a bit of weight and regained a bit of fitness. I'm so unfit that I'd last two minutes at the gym before I went bright red and got completely out of breath!
hey clueless.... i started going to the gym in feb this year at first it was so embarrising , about 5 minutes after i started id be breathless and sweat would be pouring .. but trust me the only way to battle that is to face it head on .. i carried on going every day of the week well ive had about 6 days off since february... and now i love it..

Ive lost nearly 5 stone since feb by doin tons of exercise as well... so it is important..

good luck you guys you will find that the tabs dont properly kick in for around 3-5 days everyones diff but dont give in xx
i'm really unfit now, more so since i started smoking again!

the main thing stopping me going is my gym clothes.. they feel so unflatteringly tight!!!
yeah i know how you feel but still go... dont let them thoughts ruin your sucess rate.. when i first went to the gym i felt the same as you..but as the weight dropped my clothes became too big & then i was paranoid incase they loooked too big n made me a mess... lol.. if people look at you or you think they are laughing , always say to yourself... laugh now but lets see who will be laughing in say 6 months... dont stop yourself for doing good x
thanks, great tip! :)
talking of nerves ive got my first class at the gym tonight woohoo!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi :) Just wanted to say welcome :)
Im on day 3 .. and going strong! ... spend most of my time reading labels at the moment! ..

Im following the WW plan and ive started walking more every day :)

Good Luck
good luck at the gym!

hmm.. i've eaten what i thought was low fat then looked on foodfocus and apparently i've eaten 42g of fat so far today.. :eek:
Oopsy! You need to read labels, read labelsand read labels more! "Healthy£ food can be really decieving!

By the way, welcome and good luck! Iona is a good mate of mine that lives down the road :)
eggs don't have labels! lol!!

got an incubator as well, just setting it up so we should have eggs cookin soon :)
well things are off to a shakystart.. yesterday i consumed 22g of fat the whole day :( (we have no food in whatsoever) i think things will be easier once we've done some food shopping today!
no, i thought you had to have 15g fat per meal so i haven't eaten enough for the day! lol

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