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First day!

Hello guys!

Just been to the pharmacy to start this diet. (There was a very yummy man who works there, so was a little embaressing lol) But so excited! I have alot to lose - 4 stone :(, but i cant wait to start.

Had enough of being all red faced in this sort of weather!
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Hello and welcome! LT really is a great diet, the first few days will be tough, but stick with it and watch the weight drop off!! Good luck!!

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I know what you mean bout being embaressed, mine is a cute young irish lad :D

Stick with it and good luck hun


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Hey chunkey monkey welcome to "the diet". I know 4 stones seems a lot now, but it'll drop off real quick. I had just over 4 stone to lose when I started but now have just 16lbs to go. I can't believe how it's come off, I've never managed to sucessfully lose more than 7lbs before EVER!!!! This diet rocks :) Stick to the rules and you'll be at goal in no time
you ve made the right step hun!!!!! that hunk will be thinking the same about you in a couple of months ha ha ha!!!!!!! I am on day 5 of the seceond time round, lost 3 stone before and now want to loose 2 stone, wish I'd not broke off now but hey well its done now!!!!
My advice to you is that no matter hard you find it this week, just stick to it!! dont think about long term, just take each day at a time and do not cheat, the first week is hard (I am really struggling today, but I wont cheat) but it does get easier I promise!!
Try to drink as much water as possible, thats also hard the first week but you soon get used to it. I have my 1st shake at lunch time, 2nd and dinner timeand the 3rd when the kids are in bed (if I dont do this I end up going to bed at 8pm because I am so hungry!!)
Good luck hun, I am sure you'll soon find your own way that suits you, stick with it, it really works!!!!


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welcome, take it easy the first couple of days, try to relax and you will get through it fine. Drink the water and come on here as often as you can, it really does help. Before you know it your first week will be down and you will have the fabulous weigh in to look forward to. Best of luck.


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Great choice by starting LT. Best diet I've ever done and I've done a few!

I had nearly 8 stones to lose at the start and now only have 1 more to go! Can't believe it.

Drink plenty of water and keep your goals in mind and remember, any food you fancy will all still be there when you finish this! (this has kept me going for 5 months now!). Good luck.


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well done on taking the step, i adore this diet and detest it all at the same time hehe, but 4 stone is nowt you ill have it off in no time, I remember feeling the same when I started. Once the first few days are gone the time flies away with you xx
Hello Miss Chunkymonkey, (my OH's fave Ben & Jerry's flavour!) :welcome2: to the most AMAZINGLY fast weight loss programme with the coolest people in the world (us Lipotrimmers!!!) giving you great advice and lots of encouragement. I did 10 straight weeks, lost 3 stone and never wavered ONCE and I must say it was thanks mostly to the people on this site, who kept me going through the tough times....but that was only in the first 2 weeks and then it was a breeeeeeeze!!!!! Make an oath to yourself that you will follow it 100% and you will drop the lbs so fast, it will take your breath away! Best of luck.
Thankyou all for such a nice welcome! ^.^.

Im so very determind to do this diet.( at 36 quid is better be amazing lol)

Had a look at all your weight losses and im really amazed! Well done!

So ill be around for quite some time lol
I'm new to the diet too!! Our Start weight and goa weight are exactly the same so we can help each other out!! And we are also going to have birthday's whilst on LT!! we will be fine!!! Only 58lb to go for UNI!!
Fantastic we can be weightloss buddies then lol.


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Welcome, I'm a similar starting weight as ye both, I've done 5 wks and have lost over 2 stone. So you're 4 stone will come off. The first week is the worst, so be determined and take it easy and drinks loads of water. You'll be on here telling us how well you've done at the first weigh in.
Good luck.


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Hey Chunkey! You won't be chunkey for long if you stick to it 100% and drink LOADS of water!

Best of Luck! x


maintaining since June'09
I know what you mean bout being embaressed, mine is a cute young irish lad :D

Stick with it and good luck hun
Hi Colette!

Methinks you must go to Carringtons in Rake Lane Wallasey?? That's where I go!!
Are you coming on the Liverpool meet in July?? Be great to meet some fellow LTers. Most of the people going to it aren't those I 'speak' to in here! xx


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Good luck missus,

You chose the best diet ever. Just pull yourself trough the first few days and u will be fine!I just spent everyday on this forum ( well nothing really changed since then) and it helped me sooooo much to get through the first week. I saw d losses and so wanted to post a big loss myself!

So well done, first step is doine! Can't wait to see how much you've shred next week! When is ur WI???
Hey Tridi,
I managed to get through the first day, boy that was hard..i actually went to bed thinking about the food that was in the kitchen lol!
So day two now, feeling a little bit better.

Next weigh in is next wednesday! Im praying the dishy chemist guy wont be there haha.

Your losses are great btw, thats over half a stone gone! Brilliant.

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