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first few days diary- is it correcT?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by lollypoplauren88, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hi everyone,i am back on SW EE. My first 2/3 days i did EE but literally had pasta for lunch and then a curry for tea, i wasnt making use of my 1.3rd super free extra as was just trying to easy my way back to the diet slowly. but i think today i should have hit my 1/3rd super free, can any one take a look and just make sure i am following plan and doing my 1/3 super free correct? i am hoping to be back at a local class in the next 2 weeks but my work schedule keeps clashing with clases :( Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HEB) with milk (HEA) topped with banana (1/3rd superfree?)Lunch: Small jacket potato With tuna with 1 small spoon of mayo (4 syns ) and salad (Lettuce, spinach, tomatos, spring onion, cucumber) Tea: grilled bacon and egg with mushrooms and chopped tomatos (super free?) Snack: Muller light (free)Drinks: 2 cups of tea using rest of milk from HEA and 1 can of diet coke. . as much water as possible
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  3. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Silver Member

    Hello.....Looks pretty good to me. Very similar to my food diary today!! You could make it a really filling tea and add some baked beans or sauted potatoes... yum!
  4. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Hi, it looks really good but there are some things I would maybe tweak

    Breakfast- how big was the banana? could you maybe make it 2 bananas or add some berries (I swear by asdas frozen summer fruits, leave them to defrost in the fridge so theyre ready when I need and want them) Then you're adding some speed foods to breakfast too.

    Lunch- could you switch to a lighter than light mayo, save on your syns? Salad sounds yummy though :)

    Tea- could you add some beans for a speed food? and maybe some onion (if you like it) cooked with your mushrooms just for some more superfree food. I also have spinach on my breakfasts, it started when I was trying to boost my iron intake and kind of just stuck :) Just lightly wilted. Or salad leaves mixed in with your beans half way through cooking are REALLY tasty and boost your SF without really noticing :)

    Do you measure out your Milk? just so you know if youre definitely getting the right amount?
    Could you snack on more fruit instead of mullerlights? just to boost your SF intake some more.
    Did you spend the rest of your syns? Sometimes weightloss can be slowed by not eating ENOUGH syns the recommended is between 5-15 and I would say start off eating closer to the high number then if your weightloss slows you have something to cut down :)

    Just suggestions, you would be fine sticking as you are though :)
  5. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    I wouldn't worry about the weetabix as your using your Heathy extras so that's already portion controlled so not a massive need for you to have SUPERFREE but you had banana anyway so that's good. The rest looks fine but yeh I agree with switching to a lighter mayo x
  6. oo yes, i usually have lighter mayo, but forgot to buy some so stole some of the husbands regular mayo. Yes for tea i may include some onions and beans. i do have the frozen rasperries that i usually snack on but with my foods i have had today i feel really full, maybe i will eat rasperries tomorrow before eating my muller light! Yes i do measure milk and if any left i do drink the milk so i have the full HE amount.So far i have not had any more syns, so i may have something a littler later for 3/4 syns which will take me to 8. or i may have a slice of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf with my egg for teaTHanks for the suggestions guys

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