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First Journey on a VLCD - Determined to Win!


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Hello to everyone!

I'm Paula, serial dieter, wasn't fat as a child, gained alot during my teens after a course of steroids and went from being a picky child who ate small amounts of healthy food, to a pre teen who my mother simply could not satisfy with food.

Ive battled it ever since, lost 2 stone before i met my husband, on Atkins, but since have gained 3 back, simply by trying to keep up with him, he is one of "them". Eats everything and anything he wants, perfect body. Makes me sick, but i have realised that i just cant do that and im ready to do something about it for good.

I've tried numerous plans before, slimming world, weight watchers, atkins, Kimkins, Rosemary Conley, Paul McKenna, intuitive eating etc etc

Nothings ever been good enough, Atkins was great as i lost fast and didnt feel hungry, but now my career has taken off and i'm a singer outside of work i just dont have time to muck about cooking breakfast etc... plus i know 2 people who have lost ALOT on MRP.

So ive found Exante, a cheaper alternative to LL and CD, and i am ordering my pack on Friday when we get paid.

So here's to a new beginning, and a fantastic new in control and healthy me. :cool:
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Hi Paula,

I am also a newbie to VLCD. I am on day 7 on total solution and I can say it hasn't been too bad. AFter about day 4 the actual physical need to eat went but I did still crave food.
I am loving the milkshakes but the soups and the bars not 100% sure about them|!

Good luck, I am determined to do this for a few months with a break for hols but would love to,lse about 3/4 stone by Novemeber.

Wendy x


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TY Wendy, glad to be starting.

Thats what this post is about really, i feel very excited and "ready". I dont think ive ever really been like this, i know it will be hard at first, but i intend to finish and change for good.

I do wonder what i will look like slim, i've never been slim before in my adult life. Will i be able to carry off my chest when i drop the weight? i was about 13 stone when i had them done and they looked great but i wasnt thin then either...hmm i know it seems superficial doesnt it? but people never know i have had them done unless i tell them, they look so right on me now i dont want them to look ridiculous.

But finding out is worth it, if i need to i will have them redone. End of.

i can order my packs tomorrow morning before work, i dont know if that means they will arrive saturday or monday?


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thankyou both!
im gonnabeskinny - same height interesting! love finding fellow losers who r my height!


reaching my goal
good luck paula hope you have a great journey on exante !


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Hi Rose, thankyou all for the warm welcome

Well today i did something ive NEVER done before when i'm about to start a diet.

I saw the perfect pencil skirt in River Island, and instead of buying it for now, i bought it in a 14, its a small 14 to.

It sort of shows me that im gonna do this, not got alot of support from friends, one said today "when it fails, try my fasting diet" charmed!

oh well, i only have to answer to me. I am the only person i can fail or impress as im doing this for me no-one else.

Sorry to ramble but i needed to get that out. x


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Don't worry Paula, no need to apologise. This place is great for getting out all our inner ramblings..the stuff that would just go round our head if we didn't get the chance to put it down here. I'm sure you'll fit into that skirt :) Just keep working towards your goal x


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argghhh! why cant the order have come today?

im the first person to admit ive never managed to stick to anything before, but this is different ive never tried this before.

i'm looking forward to the structure and the fact i wont have to think about what i need to buy, or cook, or prepare for work.
Well today is my last evening of eating regular food.

Tomorrow morning my big box will arrive at work and i will be having black coffee and water until then.

i wanted to post some "thinspiration" pics, i may never get this shape but in my minds eye its what i think i would be like slim... it helps!

its great that we are all starting around the same time, my pack better arrive on Tuesday! LOL just want to get stated and I have big goals I want to lose 40lbs well no to be honest 50lbs in 4 weeks, and then 50lbs in the next 8 weeks. I am going to start rowing again and row 3 x 3000m a day, I simply MUST get under 20stone by the 6th September when I start my theatre nurse training and have a medical, after 8 weeks I go into hospital and really want to be in the 16 stone bracket (which would make me about a size 16-18 for my height and build)

I know I can shift big big numbers if I excersize and diet

Good Luck xx
good luck! just bear in mind exercise may have to wait a couple weeks at first.... the ketosis thing can drain you at first x

when did u order?
I ordered it on Friday evening, hope it comes Tuesday. I will make myself excersize even if I feel crappy LOL well thats the plan anyway. I ordered some ketosis sticks as well should be interesting.


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Hey Paula

I'm sure you'll do great on this plan. It really is a head-in-the-right-place diet and you have that part sussed!! :D

Let us know how you get on

Thanks JB x

Toots - If u click the check order link in the first email they send it tells u the status, mine said dispatched on fri night x
have you got your pack today Paula? if so hope it goes well x
Its arrived! I've had a bar for brekkie!

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