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First JUDDD attempt, probably the only diet i've never tried!


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Day 1 - down day
Slim fast - 230 Cals
Smoked basa 180 Cals
Mixed veg - 40cals
3 crab sticks, mouthful of super noodles, few nibbles of home made frylighted oven chips,
Comes up to 520 Cals ish, give or take, was really looking forward to my fish but it was too salty.

Think these first few down days will take as they come, didnt have anything until 2.30 today, and then it was the awful slim fast shake. Not sure if nibbles little and often will suit me, or saving them, will find out soon enough though.
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Looking forward to a lemon meringue crispy Kreme donut for breakfast!! Yum. Hungry now though, will save some Cals for a late night nibble next time, hot choc maybe. Day 1, officially complete - 100%.

Food / meal ideas so I can come back for reference and ideas :
Ww/ eat smart micro meals
Eat smart sausages
Ww Tom soup
Danish bread
Salad with ham/turkey/tuna
Bowl of veg with bisto cheese sauce
Scan bran with cottage cheese/extra light laughing cow
Strawberries and ww 50 cal yoghurt or mullerlight
Stir fry
Subway sub/salad
Celery with extra light salad cream

Snacks for late night snacky treats -
Snack a jacks
French fries
Orange hot choc
Crab sticks


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Day 2 - Up day, 2000 ish ( counted as close as I could with myfitnesspal, using subs where I could as hard when eating out to put a figure on it)

o krispy Kreme donut - lemon meringue
o subway - turkey breast n ham 6 inch wheat with light Mayo, nibbles of a few crisps, few bites of OH Italian BMT
osmoked haddock, spinach and cheese florentine with new pots and salad, diet cokes and half of the biggest slab of cheesecake

Not the worst day going and certainly didn't go too mad, just had meals really and not eaten just for the sake of it, could of done without the cheesecake but would of only had pringles or something later.

Down day tomoro let's see how that goes, especially if it's Sunday roast at MIL's but can just have meat n veg n that will probably give me a few Cals for later too.

Need to get in the swing of it before the school hols kick in, but even then iv got to try n remember it's only every other day.


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Day 3 down day -

Usually a Sunday roast or BBQ but it's peeing it down so I think the roast spuds will be on the go at the in laws.

Will get through today just fine, no intentions of eating just yet, not sure if il try n get thru the Sunday dinner with meat and veg or just avoid it completely.


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2 chicken nuggets (nibbled on the way round morrisons - naughty, but i dont want to feel guilty for anything i eat, no reason why i should as long as its in an allowance )
2 home made small yorkshire puds
few small slices of beef
carrots, cabbage, swede
2 boiled pots
1 roast pot
im guessing not far off 500 cals
feel happy, light and proud iv got through another day
keep it up itsme! im thinking of going back on JUDDD, just need some motivation :)


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Thanks auburn, i absolutely love it - is it too early days to say that? Dont want to jinx it! Really enjoyed it so far, even managed to enjoy my sunday dinner with the family yesterday, on a down day too!

Samprand, you can do it, you are you're own motivation, if you cant get back on it, no one else can get make you:) Maybe start with an up day to get things going and know that you could be WELL down 7 days later on the scales :cool:

Up day for me today, had a nutri grain bar for breakfast and about 2pints of water so far. Nothing i really fancy eating just yet, had that because i was starving when i woke up!

The down days seem managable as its only ever 1 day away from eating something i want, might try a complete fast tomorrow but i dont want to force myself, and then just blow it. So will see how i go and if im hungry.

Bought lots of good snacks from morrisons yesterday,

  • thin crackers,

  • melba toast,

  • laughing cow extra light,

  • snack a jack quaver things,

  • warburtons thins

  • ww tom soup

  • heinz big soup beef broth

  • sweet chilli chicken micro meal

  • turkey steaks

  • celery, apple, cucumber, mixed frozen veg

  • and some cheese sauce packets


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for own future reference and reminder

Mumtaz.... indian ready meals!
Very very expensive (£3.65) in the co-op and they dont have rice with them BUT
the lamb dopiaza had something like 200 cals, for a tray of tasty lamb! Chicken karahi 250cals, tikka was under 300 cals! I cant remember each exactly and im sure if i remember to look in a bigger supermarket there range might be huge!

Could be a life saver on a friday or saturday night if that falls on a down day! With less than 300 cals i could quite easily sneak a ww naan in or with the 200 cal meals, a warburtons square wrap!
Yesterday DAY 4 up day 2200 cals

Monday 18th July Up day
Still waiting for my book to arrive, looking forward to reading it, the site seems to be down, perhaps because this diet craze was over a while ago?

Breakfast :
Strawberry Nutri Grain Bar, 1 warburtons thin and spread

Dinner :
fish and vegetable sushi pack

Tea :
5 buffalo chicken wings, 8oz rump steak, small portion of crispy fries, 3 x 175ml rose wine

Snacks : snack a jacks crunchy curls, walkers squares, 2 x deli slices luncheon meat, 20g square of gouda

mfp (obviously some things are estimates) tells me i have achieved just under 2200 cals, which i am more than pleased with, and really enjoyed our tea out at a nice steakhouse.
Sounds great to me... actually nearly drooling at the idea of going to a steakhouse..... O...M...G.....

Hope you've had a good day today!
Day 5 - down day Tuesday July 19th

Jelly - 16cals
melon, apple and sweetner bowl - 75cals
4 x crabsticks - 50cals
24 deli cheese and ham stick - 80cals
2 x pringles - 19cals
Snack a jacks crunch curls - 88cals
99% crackers x 4.5 - 81cals
Total 407cals!
Found it difficult today, was constantly thinking of what to eat, plan next down is to try and fast so i dont have food in my mind all of the time!

Day 6 - up day Wednesday 20th July

Nibbles of turkey ham - 103cals


carvery (didnt eat much, wasnt worth the cals)
carrots, cauli, 1 stuffing ball, bit of gammon, half a roast pot, gravy, half yorkie pud - 534 cals


bacon 177cals
warburton white roll 145 cals
400g potato chopped into chips and fry light (guessing at weight to be safe) - 300cals
tommy sauce 36cals
fry light 40cals

Pringles - 240cals
Chocolate in various forms 287 cals

total - Under 2000!

Loving the non diet days!
Day 7 Down day Thursday 21st July

Down day!
Was a bit obsessive about food on the last down day, so plans today is to have the mindset of a full on fast!

Dont think a full on fast on the down days will be the route i shall be going down, no wonder they let u have cals! Miserable, moody, withdrawn mare i have been this aft!

Dinner (ish - 4pm)
1 x slice of nimble - 48cals
wafter thin turkey ham - 42 cals

Mixed veg - say 50cals although im not massively fussed on these cals
90g attempt of a 160g eat smart quiche - 100cals
schwartz cheddar cheese - 86cals

blackcurrant jelly 8cals

ToTaL - 321 cals!
my tea was a full quiche but i was just stuffed! i did have a big drink with it though! so happy with that total, reckon thats me done for the day now!

Definately not gonna trying pushing it too far, ie with the fasting as it was making me question the diet and think about things too much, as it obviously was making me unhappy, so will keep trying to eat bits on DD's.

Slept a lot of the morning though and had a school event this afternoon, getting hair done tonight so been busy luckily!

Plans for tomorrow, make sure i get a nice dose of calcium, veg and fruit!
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Hi Itsme,

Congratulations on doing so well with JUDDD. I lost quite a bit of weight a year ago with JUDDD and am restarting tomorrow. I love the Up Days.

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