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First meeting tonight

OMG.... I start tomorrow, I wont bore you all with the ammount of food I've eaten since I signed up to this 4 weeks ago but I have another half stone to loose !

DP is taking me out for dinner this afternoon with the kids I've pigged out all morning and I just want to get started.

Standing on the scales this AM made me relise I dont ever want to see this weight ever again.

Good luck to all new starters, may our headaches and hunger pangs be short lived !
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I hear where you are coming from, I'm just partway through my fourth week, I think the enthusiasm and oomph gets you through the headaches and hunger pangs (well at least it did for me). Then before you know you're on your way :)
Very best of luck on your new journey.
Others on here have suggested new starters cut down on food a bit before LL, carbs mainly, to make the withdrawals easier. However, I joined the forum just as I was starting LL so ended my food days with carbs. :rolleyes:
I had a really bad first week, but after the headaches and nausea subsided, I was really impressed with my very fast losses.

I hope your first week isn't bad at all ~ but even if it is, remember, you could possibly lose that extra half stone in your first week!
Not everyone suffers.

Go for it. xx :)

The 1st week may be tough, but it is SOOO worth it when you are rewarded with that 1st week weight loss!!

My only piece of advice (as I give to everyone) is no matter how tempted you are, DONT put that morsel of food in your mouth. I started nibbling, thinking i could control it, and it has really extended my journey!! So stay away from licking your fingers and the odd leftover and your journey will be much quicker!!

Good luck xxxx We are hear if you need us xx


Happy in my own skin
Good luck with it all. I'm sure you will be fine.

I did not pig out before I started. I think by that time I was so fed up with food, I felt I needed a break. I was weary of contantly thinking of it. My first week was actually ok. Hope yours is too....:)
Good luck Loui.
Stick with the programme. It's har for the first week, but you will see such great results it will spur you on.

Hey Lou wlcome to LL and Mini's

the first week can be a bit trying but once you get into the groove things should settle down. The one piece of advice i would give is if you are tempted to cheat/have an event really think about if its worth it in the long term. I had a flaqky second week and its taken me to week 4 to regain ground especially mentally :D

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