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First night out...........


Eyes on the Prize!!
First time going out tonight whilst still on the LT train. We're going to see Alice in Wonderland and I cant wait!!:atthemovies:

But first of all we're popping into KFC so OH can have something before hand. He was so sweet kept asking if it was ok and was I sure and would I be ok. But I said the world cant just stop because I cant have any.

Its going to be a big test. I know I can do it because Ive already come so far. Only problem is I'm worrying about getting up and down throughout the movie for the loo!! :p

The film is at 7 and we're going soon so I'm going to have my chicken soup when I get back. I really love having my chicken soup at night and really savour the different flavours from the cold shakes. Ha ketosis pun!! :gen125:

I'm off on a three day business trip on Monday so this will be good practice!!! :cross:

Have a great weekend everyone!! :crazy:
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Ooo have a great night and just keep thinking "i'm shrinking!!" you wont get tempted,
Good luck and enjoy!


No longer a redhead though!
good luck. Don't forget you can always have a black coffee to sit with whilst o/h tucks in.


Eyes on the Prize!!
I sat in KFC having a black coffee and a water and was fine! V Surprised.

Phew the first one over with!! The film was amazing. Loved it! Deliciously dark!!
well done you!!! looking forward to the film also and dreading the ice cream stand. but i will be strong... came too far..think i will keep a nice tasty flapjack for the show..uhh


Eyes on the Prize!!
It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Even though our cinema now has the idea of having to buy your tickets and the concession stand and have introduced the mobile concession stand within the theatre!!

Double whammy. But to be honest I just got my water and went on in. The film was so good (dont expect a fluffy disney film with dancing teapots!!) that the whole audience was transfixed so there wasnt too much popcorn rustling going round.

Although I would say the most bizarre incident had to be someone fully dressed as the Mad Hatter ala depp style having a large hot dog brough to them.!!
i also saw that movie yesterday it was so good want it. i wasnt thinking about the popcorn as i was more concerned with controlling the 24 children i had with me lol its good to have a distraction i spose lol

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