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First part of mission accomplished ....

Hi all ,we are getting closer to the ''SECRET'' HOLIDAY !!
so far so good .....
we have had hubby's 50 th -last thursday
I put a few balloons up and 2 banners (looked pretty crap really). I got him that new MJ album (he likes MJ ) and a really cheap DVD. Daughter got him a bottle of booze and other daughter got him a gift card for B and Q.He only went and told his mates at work what he got :eek:
I was like OMG how embarrasing - why did you tell them ?....
he said he didnt care as we are going away !!--- to blackpool !!
WRONG !!!!
So on saturday I told him to look online for a campsite, he couldnt find one , so I told hm to go on the Haven site , he's found one at Fleetwood in blackpool. So imagine my horror when he said '' I'll book it now shall I ?''
I quickly told him '' No , I'm sure the bloke said you get a discount if you book on a Monday - I will book it then !!''
That was close phew !!
So yesterday I told him that I would have to get the money out of our savings and pay into my bank to pay for the holiday.
So tonight he has been on the web and found the site again and in the morning I have to put the money in the bank and then come home and book the holiday.

What I am really gonna do is keep the cash (hide it) Then go into my saved emails ( i still have the email confirming our last haven holiday) I am then going to ''doctor'' the paperwork :D:D:D

So onto tonight -
the first part of the secret mission has been completed, I have booked a meal out for all of us to go on the 29th
I am gonna tell him I want to go out late night shopping , then daughter is gonna phone me and tell me to meet her cos their car has broke down !!! we will go and get her and then ....SURPRISE !!!!
The place where we are going have agreed to decorate the place for us and we can bring cake !!!
so far so good !
By the time I've finished with all these secrets and lies my nose will be 10 foot long !!!!!!

(whilst writing this post I have had to minimise it 4 times ,he keeps getting up GGGRRRRRRR LOL)
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Haha, fantastic.. Bless your cottons! Thats lovley what your doing for him :) im sure he'l be well chuffed!!! xxx You just be careful all that lieing and that expending nose doesnt make you gain weight ;) haha
Oh what a tangled webb we weave lol. Your gonna be exhausted with all this cloak and dagger stuff, but I'm sure he will love the surprise even more because of the trouble you have gone to. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oooh Alice you are devious! Have you applied for MI5? lol! We did the same for OH's 60th. No2 son and partner arrived the night before(the bell went and I sent him!) Said they were calling on their way back from Scotland (true) then the following day the rest of the family arrived, by now he was totally gobsmacked, and we all cleared off to York for a fun day out followed by the most fabulous meal! His face was a picture! Take lots of photos! The only drawback? I know they're planning something for me next year!

sorry to butt in but im intrigued now lol

where are you really going or is it a secret?

Hi lucysmommy, I have been secretly organising a trip to egypt !
The OH thinks we are going to blackpool for the week -
and on saying that I have just booked the ''Blackpool ''holiday over the phone ... because the website was down !! and its a good job I have wrote all the details down ;);)
The 'so-called' booking information is now pinned to the door , ready for OH to see ,that Yes I have booked a week in blackpool !!!;);)
I even have the blokes name and all my reservation numbers , the paperwork will arive in the post approx 10 days before we go .....
Which by that time he will know that we are not going to blackpool - but egypt instead !!!!
wow, what a fantastic surprise. I would probably be so excited I would blab it out. Well done for keeping the surprise.

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