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First post

Hi all,

i've not posted before but I wanted to post my acheivements.

I started Slimming World 5th May with the aim to lose 18lbs for my wedding to my fiancee, I've lost 1st 5lbs till now (24th June) which is about 7 weeks.

I've had a few nights where i've had over 5 beers, and quite regularly had 3-4 beers and a few wines.

I was going to the gym twice a week, although I have tried harder at the gym since starting the diet.

I can't really tell looking in the mirror about my weight loss, but various people at work have commented to me, that i've lost weight on my face and midriff, which i'm very pleased about.

Many thanks to this forum and SW for support and an amazing diet, I can't understand why people do any other diet as I've never gone hungry.

I'll raise a glass to my wedding and honeymoon 1st 5lbs lighter (or thereabouts - i've not had my stag do yet :))
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Congratulations on your loss, thats fabulous. Certainly an achievment to be proud of and just goes to show that there are more men doing it out there.. and it is dooable!

Congrats on your up and coming wedding, i hope you enjoy your special day.. (and your stag ;) )

urge you to introduce yourself on the main sw forum bit, im sure everyone would love to get to know you..
do keep updating your new weightloss diary with your progress x
Thanks Fern, I notice you've got loads of badges so congrats on your loss too.

I really rate SW I don't understand why anyone does any other diet. I don't understand how it works (probably never will) but love getting strange looks from people in the canteen and envious looks from the WW crew as I tuck into my massive portions of flavoursome rice etc.

I will try and post in the main forum but probably just reply to other people's posts as I won't really have anything to say to start my own threads.

Yea I am a bloke and I heard that we tend to lose quicker on SW than girls, which my fiancee isn't too pleased about! :p


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Congrats on your upcoming wedding and well done on your losses!!!

Definitely stick around and get to know the place!
Thank you :)

yes, blokes do tend to lose a little bit faster than us girlies unfortunatly for us.. im not entirly sure why just seems to be the case!

i totally agree.. how can you really fault sw? I mean out of every diet and eating plan out there, they all have their down sides.. i can hardly pick fault with sw, and even if i could.. the benifits and good sides more than out weigh.. i love my big portions, the flexibility of it all.. slimmingworlds just fabulous :) lol

do you have much more to loose or are you at a weight your happy with now? x
thanks for the well wishes for the wedding both!

do you have much more to loose or are you at a weight your happy with now? x
It's a weird one as you may see from my stats over there <-- that I have actually reached the "goal" that I set myself when I joined this site, but I am still very disappointed at my stomach and breasts after 3 years of lager and takeaways, so I don't really knwo what I want the weight to be, just for my stomach to be flat and my breasts to be flat as they were 4 years ago. Weird target I know but I'm a footballer and look and feel stupid being fat and can't move as I want to on the pitch. I'm guessing I actually need another stone - stone and a quarter to make me as mobile as I'd like, but I guess my losses will begin to slow down as I lose more......
No i deffinatly understand.. youl know when you get there.

when i first joined slimmingworld in 08, i remember telling my Consultant i wanted to be 9 st 10 i just had that figure in my head and thats what i wanted..

when i finally got my 4.5stone award which made me 10st 1, i decided that was it.. i was happy. After maintaining that weight for 6 months, i decided i just wasnt 100% happy. So iv struggled and got closer and closer, and then further and further.. and after 6months now.. i have finally got my 5stone award. I now weigh 9st 8.5, my lowest weight ever. Im a size 10 still, just a bit more comfy in it..

however i stomach isnt quite 'flat' and although i have been incredibly lucky that i have not been left with loose skin, my boobies are not what they used to be.. which is a major problem for me, esp as i am only 18!

However i have realise now its no longer a weight thing.. and will have to start concidering some.. actual exercise..:eek: lol.

I think youl know when your ready to call it target and just maintain it, but sounds as though you work hard at the gym, so that should be helping you :) xx
OMG are you SERIOUS!? you've been through that amount of changes and you're only 18!!! Crikey!!!! I am dumbfounded! I am really impressed with what you've had to deal with at such a young age, and also shocked that your weight has gone down so much while you're so young!

Can I ask you a question - how did you go about maintaining your weight @ 10st for 6 months? did you continue to follow SW? I really don't get that, coz when I follow SW i invariably lose.

Massive Congrats to you Fern

I'd be happy at 13 stone I think, I'm going to aim for that now actually. Will almost certainly go above 14 stone following my honeymoon, fillet steak and lobster for LUNCH !!!! oh well it's a red day I suppose ;) :D

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