First shopping trip


Well I decided today to treat myself to something nice to wear for Xmas day, so me and my bro went shopping in Milton Keynes (big shopping centre, better than our one here at home).

Decided on a whim to get the suit/tailor guy to measure me, and WHOA! Down to a 16" neck, 46" chest from a 19" neck and a 52" chest! :eek::eek:

I'd have said that my chest is the one thing that hadn't really changed, but quite obvioulsy it has!!! :D:cool:

Anyway, I treated myself to a new belt (as I had to 'create' a new hole in my old, now waaay to big one :p ) and 3 new shirts; 1 17" neck and 2 16" neck ones.

Unfortunately, I think I got a bit carried away with it all really, and although I have a 16" neck according to the measuring tape, the rest of me clearly isn't in the same proportion as there's no way the 16" shirts will fit me, they don't even fit over both my shoulders at once :(
But then I should have known that really, given that my "rugby player" wide shoulders always cause me extra problems getting sizing right :eek:.

Oh well.
The 17" (kinda) fits, and certainly will fit well in about another 6-8lbs time I reckon, so I was happy about that :)

All in all, a very pleasing day - mostly just because I was able to just pull the shirts/belts straight off the shelf, and not have to sheepishly ask the guy "do you have this in a XXXL/19" inch neck?" :) :)
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I just came back from MK too! Didn't realise you were close!

Well done on the measurements! And as you say - even with your wide rugby build a few weeks you'll be fine in them!


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AW, thats great Pete. It is so nice to just take from racks.

I have to say and I hope you don;t mind - it has been really interesting here on MMs hearing all of these things from a male point of view. Women spend so much time talking and empathising with each other over weight issues - and I never really think of men feeling the same way that women do. Ya know? But we are all really the same, aren't we.

Society paints a picture that its much easier and more acceptable for men to carry a few extra pounds then it is for women. Wierd that - when at the end of the day I am learning it is the same for all of us.

ANyway - I digress - good on ya and glad you had a good time. I bet you'll get into those 16s one day! :)


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Nice one Pete, I am sure you will be the handsomest bloke at Christmas ;)

Nothing quite like shopping and finding your old size is ridiculously to large.


nearly there!! :)
well done hunni, ull be in them in no time though no probs xxx


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Congratulations Pete

Superb to be able to go shopping with someone else (not furtively dash into the shop on your own or choose from a catalogue!) and enjoy the experience and not feel embarrassed and on the busiest shopping day of the year too.
Well done you.
The 16s should do you okay in a couple of weeks.
I love the new avatar photo.
You are a changed man.


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Thats fab news Pete, you'll be in those shirts in no time !!!!