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First test of will power

Yes.. they proberly taste like crap! most kids baking things do.. will never recover from those barbie muffins.. gag! Save ur syns for somthing scrummy! x
Well they are out of the oven. They feel a bit squidgy but I don't know if they are supposed to or not!!! Couldn't leave them in any longer or they would burn.

We have had SOME of these baking kits that tasted okay.

First time I've braved baking with DD - she mixes more carefully than her 5 year old brother and makes less mess!!!
They are still cooling and then DD gets to decorate them.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol...resist...you wont enjoy it even if you did have a bite...I agree with Fern..save your syns for something more enjoyable.
You cant hurt DD's feelings though, so pretend to enjoy!!! Lol.
Well, she seems to like them. I haven't tried one!


Mrs V

Loves Life!
Gorgeous eyes! Such a cutie!
Aww, thanks guys :)

She has now decided that she doesn't like them but DS apparently does. Glad I resisted now!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Aw she's gorgeous! Can't say the biscuits impress! Well done for being a good mum,oh and resisting the cookies!

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