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First Time Doing This Diet!!

just take one day at a time be really strict u will get through it and it will be worth it before u know it ull be pounds lighter and happy


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best of luck!! it's in a lot of ways the easiest diet there is! there's no way it can go wrong if you stick to it!!! :) but then it can be hard but it's well worth it! only advice is to stick with it at least til the first weigh in so you can see how well it works, come on here if you're ever feeling weak and keep drinking water!! keep us updated on your progress!!


I will conquer!!!
HARD!!!! :eek: No, seriousley, I don't think it's ny harder than any weight reduction plan really. Just take one day at a time. Great place here for support :D
Jackie xx
Hi Danielle, I'm a first timer too and started the program yesterday. So far it hasnt been too bad. I'm hoping work tomorrow will help to keep my mind off the hunger. Housemates just had a Chinese in front of me tonight. I would have left the room but Eastenders was on! Im usually terrible sticking with the likes of WeightWatchers because I get a taste for something and my willpower goes out the window. Hopefully changing my tactics will be more promising! Best of luck:)
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Hiya Danielle and welcome. Start positive and stay positive! Write down your reasons, cut out photos of clothes and things you want to do when you've lost weight and come on this forum a lot. Start a new hobby or make time for an old one. All those things will keep you busy and distracted. Oh and try not to cheat at all! Some people say it's ok to have a bit of protein every now and then but any food seems to awaken the taste buds and make it harder for you so stay 100% if you possibly can! :D
Thanks Everyone For Your Hints & Tips!!
Just had my first strawberry shake, actually didnt taste as bad as i thought. So far so good, hope i can stick to this!
The first 3 days are the hardest, after that your body adapts and you feel fine. It is hard but very worth it. I've just finished week 2 and its definately getting easier and the cravings are definately reduced.
Stick with it. You only have to look at yours and peoples weight losses on here to know its fab!
Well Done On Loosing 14lb! :), If i can make it past today i think ill be able to do it! Do you need to do any exercise or just leave it for a week or two?
Thank You.
In week 1 i did do a couple of workouts on the wii but it was only for about 40 mins a time.
This week i havent really done any as such but i have been very busy so probably walked further and faster then normal!! And am wondering whether to try fit some in before my weigh in this afternoon ;)
But i really think water is the key!
Ive just bought just dance 2 & zumba for the wii, i might give them a go, im excited for my first weigh in! i hope to lose around the same as you in your first week. Good luck on your weigh in! :)
Hello lovley ladies,I only re-started yesterday, after an attempt on tuesday which only lasted till weds as I as throwing up the shakes!!. Since then have got all my shakes changed to strawberry *the one I can manage easily*.
Yesterday was fine for me, no hunger, nothing. Only felt a lil cold, and exhausted in the evening* had walked around town, and taken my lil man swimming* so sure thats to blame,lol. Im just keeping all the positives in mind at the mo. Not thinking I hope I can do it, but I CAN DO IT :). xxx WE ALL CAN :).


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Thats it stay positive! I have resigned myself that its something I have to do so just get on and do it. I have 14 weeks till I go on holiday so no other diet will do! Now or be the whale on the beach....
hi danielle,
i started the same day as you"" how you getting on?i have been fine so far.first two days i was starving but just tried to ignore it and keep going.i also went to bed very early!! i am dreading the weekend thou""its gonna be a killer. i made crisps out of the chicken soup last night and they were delicious!"!im not sure if you are allowed to do this as id say the nutrients were pretty much zapped out of the in the microwave but it stopped me from reaching for the biscuits!! if anyone on here knows if its ok to change the shakes like this let me know!!
crisps out of the soup? share please
hi everyone, i did lipotrim about 3 years ago and lasted 2 days lol, i am here again to try and do it but this time longer than 2 days ( i hope) i joined slimming world last week and lost 5 and half lbs in my first week but i know i will get bored and not stick to it :-( so i am hoping doing this lipotrim will help me.
please can someone let me know how long you have to stay on lipotrim for? i go away in october so would like to be back on food by then. me and my partner are both starting lipotrim a week today
i just hope we can last longer than 2 days :)

Jessie 888

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The time you spend on Lipotrim depends on how much you want to lose really, hun. If you stuck with it, you could probably lose 4 stone by October.
The only thing that worries me is that if you are bored on SW, I don't know how you will cope with LT! It is probably the quickest way to lose weight but it's not known for its great variety! :D
sorry shouldnt say bored really, i desperatly want to lose weight but quickly, i know i wont lose it quick on slimming world so thought i will try lipotrim but i am scared the hunger is going to get too much as i cant have anything apart from the 3 shakes and water but i am desperate for quick results xxx


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i started the same day as you"" how you getting on?i have been fine so far.first two days i was starving

My first day was terrible too, although I didn't feel hungry, I kept thinking about food all day, I constantly looked in the fridge. Once Day One was over I felt fine. My problem is not hunger, it's simply a bad habit of snacking and eating in between meals which I need to break. I hope in the coming weeks we will all share huge weight loses. Keep the good work up everyone.:jelous:

Week 1 - 6.5 Ibs :D:D:D:D:D:D ( 4 days only)
I'm doing this diet for the first time after spending years losing and putting bk on with slimming world cos it doesn't come off fast enough so know where your coming from. It's my first day today n I've gotta say it's been hard but from what people have said on here it gets better after the first day and people weight losses seem to be fabulous which is a great motivator. X

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