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First time of cheating...

... last night I went for a meal with my hubby, no reason behind it I just suddenly came up with the idea that I wanted us to go out - we went to the Curry Mile in Manchester and I had an Indian .... to be honest I didn't even really enjoy it - though loved being out with him.

I'm in development and have never actually 'cheated' before - I've taken time out for holidays twice, once for one week and once for 4 weeks but this is the first time that I've just ate something - I'm really hoping that it's not going to be a regular thing.... hubby says not to worry and that he's sure it was just a one off - just hope he's right.

Am def paying for it today though, stomach feels like lead and I've put on 4lbs since yesterday :break_diet:
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has started again!!
Please dont stress too much over this one. I hav learned from very bitter experience that cheating (often and long) really messes with your head. You seem to have your head in the right place, and your husband is sure to be right.

i suspect that 4 lbs is just water, reattached to the glycogen in yuor liver. If you drink lots of water, and carry staright on with the regime it will disappear as quickly as it came. I do know this from experience, as I gained a fair whack on my hols, only to have reduced that to 2.8lbs by the time WI came around.

As I said, the absolute and most important thing is the head stuff, get that right and the weight losses will continue, promise! (Oh and water, water and more water!!)


Cheers Sez, I know you're right - I'm hoping the scales will be kind to me tomorrow but if not then I'll just keep on sticking to the diet and at some point they'll have to be :)

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