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First time on a proper diet!


I'm a seventeen year old male with a BMI of 30 point something and 188cm (6ft.2) in height. Apparently that makes me obese, although I'd prefer the term overweight because I really don't look "obese" to me.

I'm trying to drop my BMI to about 23/24 and currently on my second day of Exante Total Solution.

Today I weighed myself as 17st, then went for a wee and it said 16st 13, but I'm going with 17st lol.

This is day two.

I've been pretty good so far, yesterday was a bit hard:


Drank loads of water, orange chocolate bar for breakfast, strawberry shake and mushroom soup for tea. Then I scoffed a bit of steak pie, but managed to throw the rest in the bin - Not the best start.


Got up before noon, drank a chocolate shake. Then for tea I had the nut bar with tomato and basil soup.

Not really tempted to eat now, but I am feeling very hungry and would do anything for a tuna mayonaise sandwhich on brown with lettuce. Gimme gimme gimme. Ah well lol.

My mouth is a tasting a bit gross, progress ? :D

I'll keep you posted, and good luck to the rest of you!
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Hey and welcome to Minis and the Exante family!

I think alot of us here feel that the bmi thingy is a load of rubbish as it doesn't take into account muscle or anything, so just get to a weight you feel happy with.

Also the best time/way to weigh yourself is 1st thing in the morning after you have been to the toilet, some of us lose the odd lb from having a wee.....it matters to us lol

Anyway good luck with your journey hun. :D

oh and ps....water water water! If you can drink about 3 litres a day that will help with your losses, stop you feeling too hungry and help with the bad taste in your mouth.
Thankies! I'm sure you're gonna do great on your diet too! Eee, happy days hehe! Well I know you're only supposed to weigh once a week, but I simply will not be able to resist!

Hello hello hello - Im starting my exante tomorrow - looking forward to getting rid of some weight - are you only having 3 packs a day? Just check as i thought a male should be on 4 packs, which would help you having the extra one.
Oh god, why did I spell Exante wrong on my username... jesus tonight.

EDIT- I haven't seen anything about that anywhere, although I did see a thread saying that wasn't the case. To be honest I feel fine right now, I suppose I'll know soon haha :)
Good for you - if you feel ok keep going with the 3 packs - personally i would kill for a fourth pack haha - good luck and ill pop by to see how we are both getting on

Oh dear, just ate a tuna mayo wrap. To be honest with you, I'm toying between TS and WS and can't decide.

Eitherway my calorie intake is WAY down so it's possible I'll still lose some weight anyway.

Will the wrap affect my ketosis ? :)
Possibly took you over the carb count for the day - try a piece of plain grilled chicken next time (zero carbs and around 110 cals) which should keep you under the 600 cal mark and carb count.

Last time i done Exante i had a piece of chicken every day at first just to get through into ketosis and help get me through the first couple of days.
Good luck on your weight loss journey, men loose weight a lot faster than women, you will have a great loss and it will inspire you, you just wait and see! Tasha xx


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welcome and good luck. I wouldnt panic about your sandwich mistake - put it behind you and learn from it. You will do just great. If I were you and still struggling with cravings it might be worth keeping some cooked chicken in the fridge so you can eat it when you feel peckish.
In all honesty I can't do this.

I'm a student nurse and start my first placements on Tuesday. I feel completely miserable missing the food that I used to be able to eat and feel that I'd be better off just sticking to eating better meals. My family will support me and I think I'll lose a bit of weight in these placements as I'm moving constantly with less time to eat huge meals like I have done as I've barely been in Uni recently so ate to pass the time, hence the weight gain.

I don't want to go in miserable, with breath like a tur... so I'm going to stick to eating healthier xx

Good luck all and I hope you all do well.

Jue, I'll be coming back to check your progress! Also, it doesn't seem right me having scales in the house and diet food when my mum has just been diagnosed anorexic xx
good luck halo Tasha x
You have to do what is right for you and no diet is worth being miserable over, I know a lot of people who have lots of weight by just cutting down on their carb intake, i.e, potatoes, bread, rice and pasta, which still gives you a healthy range of foods to eat. Salads, vegetables, lean meat etc. Good luck though and I wish you every success with your nursing. Tasha xx
If you have a hunger pang, another good tip is to clean your teeth, it does suppress hunger! Tasha x

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