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  1. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Hey everybody,

    This is my first time on exante, I am hoping to start in the next few days - I've had stinky flu so just waiting for that to clear up completely! I Have done Cambridge on and off for ages now, I first did it a couple of years ago and lost 4 stone which felt amazing. Unfortunately, I'm now back at my starting weight :( I have had many failed attempts at Cambridge since, there always seems to be something in the way!

    But I am really really looking forward to starting! I am determined to do this and make no more excuses!

    I was wondering how you are all finding it?? Any tips or advice?!

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  3. Karla

    Karla Full Member

    Hi dolly92 this is my first time on exante too. I started yesterday so only on day 2 and so far it's not too bad. Yes, I'm hungry and constantly thinking about food at the moment but I know it will get easier I just have to hang on in there for the first week.

    Like you I did LL a number of years ago and lost loads of weight only to put it all back on :( I have also tried cambridge but having to go to someones house to collect meal packs and get weighed just didn't work for me so I'm hoping that with everything being virtual on exante I won't have any excuses ;)

    Good luck x
  4. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Hi karla, thanks for the reply. Everyone on here are so lovely and supportive!

    Well the first 3 days are the hardest so your doing really well, I sometimes think that day 1 is the hardest and if you can get past that then you can get past any day. Well done so far!

    Youll have to let me know when you have a weigh in!

    Good luck
  5. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi Dolly, I've done them all in the past, LL, Cambridge and Exante and my best loss was around 5st I think - I think this time could be the lightest that I've started at and am currently on day 3 with all going well. I think I'm lucky in that I don't feel hunger, not even in the first few days, my biggest battle/nemesis is my head, I always talk myself into feeling sorry for myself and giving in but I know that I can't do that this time.

    good luck :)
  6. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Hi katie, well done on your progress so far! I can totally relate with you on that one, i never physically felt hungry on cambridge but my mind told me that I must eat, and unfortunately sometimes my mind won the battle!! I am pretty determined though and in the right frame of mind which is important!
    I just cant wait to get started now!

    Keep up the good work! And if you want to, keep me updated. Id love to hear how your getting on. Plus I deffo need some exante buddies to help me stay on track!

    xxxx Holly xxxx
  7. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi Holly & Katie, I am in the same boat, Did LL, lost quite a a lot of weight then gradually put it back on again. I think at some stage some of us realise that we have to take control once & for all & when better to do it than at the start of a new year. I'm on day 5 now & well into ketosis so the hardest bit is over. This forum is so supportive so come on here regularly & whenever you feel tempted to go off plan. Try taking part in some of the challenges on here, they will help keep you on track.
  8. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi Susie & Holly, the mind is a dangerous thing isn't it, I find it amazing how I can go from being so focused to being so self defeatist, be great sometimes if I could just shut it down and cocoon myself till the moment has past. What's extra annoying is that I strangely always feel good when I'm doing the diet, always feel better in myself yet in a blink of an eye can throw that all away ---- but not this time, we'll all have to switch off our heads and scream for help when those self sabotage moments take us ;)
  9. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Hi Dolly. I lost around 5st last year but have regained 2st. I am currently on day 7 and want to lose the gain. Best of luck :) x
  10. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Wow Katie that last post was words out of my mouth. So exact x
  11. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Hi Minnie,

    Thanks for replying to my post! Well done on your loss last year - and well done for keeping 3 off! That's Fab.
    Your doing well at day 7! How are you finding it?

    Whilst I'm on here, I was wondering if anybody who has previously done Cambridge has found that there is much difference in the shakes? - I used to have Tetra's on CD and they were Yuk! Are these shakes nicer?

    Ordered my gear today, so all ready to start Monday! Yippeee.

    PS. Totally agree with Minnie- Katie your post was spot on x

    Holly x
  12. Karla

    Karla Full Member

    You took the words right out of my mouth too... Why do we do it to ourselves?? I've spent the last 3 years telling myself I'm going to do something about the weight I've gained and yet everytime I've managed to find a reason for not dieting - stupid!!!

    Anyway, onwards and upwards this time it's for real and the weight is going to come off ;)

    Holly I did LL & I've also done cambridge and I think so far these shakes are nicer, the soups are definitely nicer and the chilli meal replacement was also pretty good. Cambridge were by far the worse of the three. Good luck for Monday, try and have a good-ish weekend to set yourself up for it ;)
  13. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I did Cambridge (& LL) and I honestly think that Exante shakes are better, I only have the choc and the vanilla both hot as I don't like them cold - I do add coffee to the vanilla one though, it's gorgeous :)

    Karla I love your goals, I love mini goals that have a variety in them, gives you something to look forward to as soon as you've hit the last one.
  14. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Thanks Dolly but shame on me for regaining 2 lol. I'm finding it much more challenging thus time than the first time, but I will get there. Hope you are well, have a great day :) x
  15. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Hi Karla, Thank you for that! I would normally have a complete binge the weekend before starting! But this time I'm not, I've had stupid flu so been off my food for the last week so I think that's prepared me Lol. I'm so excited about starting, I always get a real buzz before I start (normally wears off mind when I start) - but not this time. I'm thinking positive! Well I'm going to do my best!

    Katie - I Love the tip for vanilla shakes with coffee - I've specially ordered some vanilla :) and i'm going for the hot choc aswell. On Cambridge I hated everything Lol so I just had banana tetra's 3 times a day :( bit boring after the first couple of weeks!! I'm still only having shakes and bars now but with little tips like this from you amazing people on here I'm sure It'll be fine!!

    Minnie - Definitely not shame on you! - I lost like 4 stone with Cambridge - I am now starting exante at exactly the same start weight I started Cambridge with. Booo - shame on me and all that tasty food! It's always harder the more times you do it, isn't it!

    Thanks guy for all your messages!

    xxx holly
  16. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    ** Just noticed my post to Minnie sounds funny - I meant that it's not shame on you, you have done really well. - :/ - sorry Damn posts when you look back on them!

    I'll shut up now XD

  17. .Minnie

    .Minnie Full Member

    Thanks Dolly, It helps that we are all doing the same thing and that some of us have done it already but regained. We will do it again! Have a great day :) x
  18. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I lost 5st doing LL and I'm staring now three stone heavier, I had put more back on but have gradually lost some over the months. I'm looking forward to getting into the 16s as then I'm only 2 numbers up :)
  19. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi Holly. Good luck with your journey.
  20. dolly92

    dolly92 Member

    Thanks Lynne! Good luck with yours too!

  21. Karla

    Karla Full Member

    So is today day 1 for your Dolly? Hope it's going ok for you if it is xx

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