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First time shopping for Slimming World

I need to go to the shops after my first meeting on Wednesday and just wondering if you can give me some ideas on what are good low syn value snacks and some good ideas for the healthy extras.

If I cook anything from scratch it has to be pretty simple as I am not a good cook! Simple and easy. Hubby and I normally eat stuff like chicken breast over stir fry with blue dragon sauce and amoy straight to wok noodles, or fish with cous cous or rice, or whole wheat pasta with lloyd grossman sauce, etc. I also cook chilli but we normally use jar sauce for that too.

We also eat a lot of cottage cheese and laughing cow anyway as I used to do WW and we are used to the food now.

If there are any free ready meals out there that would help too as I can use the microwave at work.

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Loads of fruit and veg.
Green - rice, pasta, beans, pulses.
Red - Lean meat & fish.

That'll get you started. To get into the swing of things, you need to keep flicking through the books, today I realised Alpen bars are HEXB.

Loads of muller light yoghurts, they are nearly all free.

I don't buy 'snack' items. I munch fruit instead.

And I'm sorry, but there are very minimal 'free' ready meals. they are out there, but you'll have to hunt for them.
How many laughing cow extra lights make up a healthy extra? Just trying to figure out what the healthy extras actually are.

I heard the ww mediterranean pasta was free & also tinned spaghetti hoops? Is that right?

I know the ww point values of everything in the world, but now I have to relearn it all as syns. Normally I would snack on mullerlights, twiglets and skinny cow lollies. Are those all low syn?


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On a green day tinned spag hoops are free as is normal spag and baked beans.

Sorry i don't know the syn values on red days or extra easy as I only do green days.

Soy sauce is free so yoiu could use that on a stir fry.

You should get some Fry Light as that is free and good for genral cooking.

Take a look in the receipes section - there are some great ideas in there and dont worry most of the stuff cooked from scratch is easy!

Good luck!


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I just snack on fruit these days. I've eaten loads of grapes today, plus had fresh pineapple for pud (delicious with aerosol cream 0.5 syn for 2 level tbspns!)

I feel full now.


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hello if you go onto the slimming world website there is a sample 7 day menu maybe you could get some ideas from there



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If you go to club each week ask your consultant if they have the low syn snacks book & the free food book, they are only about £2 each I think, I used to keep these in my handbag when I went shopping so I knew what I could buy. I do snack mainly on fruit but if you have a Morrisons they do syn free sausages so I cook a pack & chop them up if I am out for the day, I also make a syn free (on either day) quiche once or twice a week so I can snack on that too.
Hope that helps a little


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All cooking sauces have syns, so you'd have to look for low fat ones. You could use tinned tomatoes and passata with your pasta instead, with some basil and dried mixed herbs. Nam plah sauce is free and could go in your stir fries with soy sauce and dried chinese spices.


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Not really, but you will get a password so you can log on to the SW website - there you can look up just about every branded food and the syn values.

I'd recommend buying the 'Saucy Secrets' book - most of the recipes are either free or pretty low in syns, not too difficult to make and will save you loads in syns compared to jars (and probably some money too).

If you like chili and choose to follow Extra Easy, pop onto the Sainsbury's website and find the punchy pork chili recipe from the 'Feed your family for a fiver' section'. It's syn free on EE as long as you use fry light I think, and no jar of sauce required!

Good luck!

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