First visit to CD Counsellor tomorrow evening


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I am going tomorrow night to see her. I am planning on doing CD 790. Any tips on what to best eat tomorrow before I start on Friday morning?
Thanks - Louise
good luck on your 790, and im sure your visit to the cdc will go fine, i cant really advise you on what to eat other than to say try to make it low carb to help with that carb withdrawel, im sure on of the more experenced members will post soon and be much more helpful :)
Good luck Lou49.

Jazzy x
Thanks for answers! Linda, I took your advice and called my local CD!
I was low-carbing last week (thinking I was going to SS). I am not and anyway it went out the window so have been feeding up on the carbs for the last couple of days. Aargh.....
Would I have fewer side effects if I spent a few days (if so, how many) on reduced carbs before I start CD 790? I could easily do this if it is worth it and I know I am really starting this thing.
Thanks again - Louise
Definitely worth reducing your carbs if you're going onto 790 - even just a few days will make all the difference. And remember, drink your water! :D
790 will still put you into ketosis so cut down on the carbs now. Maybe start on Sunday? You could start Saturday but if you have been having a lot of carbs you could get headache during first few days.

See what your CDC says.