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First week and I've put on!

Last Monday I started my diet (again) and to my horror when we had family weigh in time yesterday I had put on 1lb. I have been good about making myself eat three times a day (often before I would have the odd biscuit during the day but would only eat once in the evening) and about ensuring that I was eating fruit and veg and following a plan. It has completely disheartened me for this week.

Any suggestions or comments?
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Well that's unfortunate. Have you been exercising more than usual, eating bigger but better meals than usual, drinking more water than usual? These are all things that affect your weight. The time of the day at which you weigh yourself also affects it. Make sure you always weigh in at the same time. In the morning before eating is best.

My advice would be to not panic and hopefully next week you'll have compensated and more :)


A little of everything!
Whats your portion sizes like? People often think because they're eating 'healthy' foods that the amount doesn't really matter?
I agree with drinking plenty of water as this will help prevent water retention, and if you're not 'regular' then that can affect your weight too (fruit/veg take longer to digest). And I agree with not panicking yet- if you're taking in less energy (food) than you're burning then you HAVE to lose weight? Stick at it and you will hopefully see results soon?
Thanks everyone - I probably wasn't drinking enough water and at the moment due to age I am so irregular it could be hormonal. I have given myself a talking to and am going to stick with it and hopefully next week I will have a bumper loss.

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