First Week ~ Done and Dusted!

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by essexleeb, 10 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    Well, that's my first week on SF, and I've not really been too hungry, and glad to say that I've lost 2lbs. I did hope for a little more, to be honest, as I've not deviated off the plan once, but slow and steady I suppose is best.....

    Does anybody else think, that the more you have to lose, you get a bigger weight loss, than those that only have 1/2 - 1 stone to lose? Not meaning to be rude, at all.....??
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  3. redstaff

    redstaff New Member

    Well done on your first week! I'm just coming to the end of my first week and finding it tough. The weekends are worse! I gave been good and stuck to the plan and my first week I had a 5lb loss and I stayed the same thus week which is annoying but at least it's not a gain. Yes you lose quicker if you have more to loose but I also think your right slow losses stay off longer.

    Good luck with your next week!

    Anyone else have a weight in today?
  4. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    Wow, well don Redstaff, 5lb loss is fantastic. I must admit, I was hoping for a little more than two pounds, hence my question about, if you have more to lose, does it shift quicker?

    I'm very focused during the week, but come the weekend, there's always something to distract you, we've got a family trip to the zoo planned for Sunday, with a picnic lunch, and a pub dinner in the evening........will I resist the French bread and pate? I think not! I'm going to enjoy my day, and restart on Monday....

    Its early days, and I have until the beginning of September when I go on holiday, to shift a bit of excess baggage, so not going to beat myself up.

    Hope one and all have a great weekend...
  5. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    yes I think the more too lose the bigger the number off, 2lbs is really good well done, I weighed 10.10 this morning which is ace for me ive been stuck at 11.3 for yonks so slim fast has worked for moi! I did a bit of cake today tho!! tut tut but I did work really hard at circuit training this morning. weekends are harder tho aren they
  6. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    Well done for your weight lose Lauramumof3, how long did it take you to get from 11.3 to 10.10? I'm impatient, that's my problem, but I know its best to lose weight slowly. Also, being surrounded by people that think I don't actually need to lose weight anyway. My starting weight is 9st 4lb, which I know isn't big.....BUT, its big for meeeee!! I'm in my menopause, and that has caused me to accrue a stone! I have a small frame, and its all gone on like a tyre round my middle, and thighs, and I keep buying the next size up, rather than trying to lose some weight! Also, I hate exercise, so that doesn't help!

    Lots of people are also very opinionated about "Fad Diets", and think Slim Fast is an unhealthy way to lose weight, but its my diet of choice, and if it works for me, so be it. I have tried to just cut down generally, but have no will power to do that, so I thought my fad diet was a good idea. I have my own area of the kitchen, with my SF boxes, snacks, fruit, and treats.....It is my shrine!! LOL.

    The support on here is great, and reading other peoples success stories is a great motivator....So onwards and upwards for all of us fad dieters!:bighug:
  7. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    I don't think any diet is particularly good for you as you are cutting something out somewhere aren't you!? But most of us have no self control lol so we need these kick starts to get a few pounds off, its worked for me anyway. All it is really is calorie counting just made really easy as you don't have to think about food its all done for you. I didn't like exercise before 6 months but I love it now as it makes u feel great! try a class you never know u might love it!?
  8. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    sorry I didn't answer your question, doh! I think about 10 days I got 4 lbs off, I wasn't 11.3 when I started slim fast think I was 11.1 ish but im up and down all the time so I would say 4lbs in 10 days pretty good for me!
  9. lauramumof3

    lauramumof3 Member

    sorry forgot to say I log all my diary and weigh ins on my fitness pal which is handy as I can look back x
  10. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    I've just started using My Fitness Pal....It's good to play around with, to see what you can get away with, and still keep your meal under 600cals. Walked along the banks of a local river for an hour this afternoon, so that gave me some more calories to play around with. On the whole, I'm enjoying SF, as you say its easy just to open a sachet, and add it to the milk....just got to keep the faith now!!
  11. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    Weight loss def slows down the less you have to loose.

    It is seen as a fad diet but see it as a slow way of calories counting , you start off just one meal and as the weight comes down sub one shake then when the weights right for you sub the other- ay about with daily calories until its right for you- its a long life plan.

    So if any one pulls their face at you diet plan just explain you are learning to calorie count and this is the easiest way for you! X
  12. essexleeb

    essexleeb Member

    Thank you Tink2011, that's very good advice. x
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