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first week done

good luck! let us know how your WI goes :)
hi there sorry to hear that. Did you ask your leader what had you done wrong or are you doing it online? put down on here what you eat in a day and we can help you :) dont feel to down first week i went i had gained but had used the weekly pp so dont use them now
sorry to know that :( did your leader give you any idea as for why could that have happened?

Keep on doing what you're doing and chin up!
i do it online so don't have a leader. i'm alright about it as surprisingly my skinny jeans don't feel as tight and i'm feeling a lot healthier would have liked to see a bit of weight off.


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aabbii - if you post a few day's food diaries we can check it for you? xx
if your sticking to your points, how much 0 point food are you having? and are you correctly working out your AP?? As everyone else has said , if you post afew days worth of food diary here( ones where you perhaps had alot of bread or chocolates) we might be able to have a look at where you are at.

I have found previously on old ww plan that if i was eating bread and pasta for more than one meal everyday i would store loads of water due to carbs holding on to water in your body.

Also i have found that many WW dont use their Earned AP unless they have done serious amounts of exercise. I dont use them as only exercise i get is walking my dog.

Are you constipated?, due your period??? lots of different factors can be cause of a gain. but the plan works so if you continue following it correctly you will lose eventually
okay here are a few days for you:
strawberries and muller light 2pps total

sweet chilli chicken ww meal 8pps

sausage and mash with gravy etc 10pps

i also had a timeout 5pps and french fries 2pps so that was 27pps total
drank lots of water and squash and a few portions of fruit extra to brekkie

thats an average sort of day sometimes ill have weetabix for brekkie and chicken and salad for lunch. dont eat choc and crisps everyday but do fruit.

i am going to start weighing myself in boots or something as home scales are old so may not be as good.


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It's more than likely your scales... did you weigh yourself at the same time?

I find i can put on at least 3/4lbs from the morning to evening


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I weigh myself first thing in the morning in the nude (don't do that in Boots lol) before I have had anything to eat and drink and after the loo with the scales on the tiled floor in the bathroom.

Maybe invest in some new scales. They had the WW ones on offer in Argos. I don't know if they still are.


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I know you are eating 3 meals a day but from that diary it looks like you are (a) eating mainly ready meals and (b) nit having anything in-between meals. Plus there's a distinct lack of fruit and veg. Have you tried maybe having a lower point lunch of say soup and a pitta and then using the points you save to snack? If you leave it too long in-between meals your metabolism slows down and your body will store the energy it gets from the food as fat. I tend to have fruit and yogurt like you for breakfast but will be eating / grazing all day on low or zero pointed foods such as fruit, veg etc. Worth a shot?
yeah i do most days, it's jsut getting into the habit after being terrible at eating fruit for a little while. but more often than not i am eating my five a day but it's not always on snacking sometimes in meals etc. might look at doing that. don't always eat ready meals, rarely infact because i don't really like them just trying the ww ones mainly because it's easier than working it all out. tried a ww recipie today but don't always have the time to cook and prepare food.

might invest in a new pair of scales, had an expensive week so might hold off for a bit and pop into boots.

thanks for the help.
we were told to use 4pp for your breaky 10pp for lunch and 15pp for dinner. try adding more protein into your main meal grill some salmon or steak with salad or veg. make some veg soup and eat that when hungry. make sugar free jelly and have that with fruit, or make a smoothie banana, strawberris, carton low fat yogurt hand blender and enjoy, yummy i cant stop eating these and 2pp:D glad you havnt given up
we were told to use 4pp for your breaky 10pp for lunch and 15pp for dinner
that's a good way to break points up. I love my breakfast so I tend to have 8 points for breakfast, 7 for lunch and then 14 for dinner and a later snack, but 4 for breakfast and 10 for lunch looks quite good as well! :)

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