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First week gone and .......................

Lost 6lb!!!! :happy036:

How did I manage that!!!! Well, only cheats I've had this week are 1 Jelly Bean and 1 Mint Imperial at the McFly concert on Saturday night from DS Pick'n'Mix so think that was good!! I even took a snack bar with me I was behaving!!

Low of the week was at Mum's on Sunday ..... she know's Im trying to lose weight and has said she will help & support me but I timed our visit to when she got back from the shops with my gran and they sat down to eat chicken legs right in front of me ......... oooh, the smell!! And then she produced cakes for DH & the kids - so much for putting out a plain digestive so I could have something so they were all sitting eating and this smell was going for me, didn't give in though but was quite upset on the way home and didn't feel great - but strangely, didn't want to reach for the chocolate!!

Anyhow - Im well chuffed, bit miffed couldn't get the full 1/2 stone off but that doesn't matter - will be shifted next week!!

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in my dreams!!!!!!
well done mandy, families huh! its like they know but just don't think, cos it really is all in the smell i think:wave_cry: well, at least it shows your willpower is really strong so be proud.

6lbs in one week is fantastic:eek: so keep on going x


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Well done mandy, 6lb loss is really great. Reading your post has spurred me on to behave too. Its so nice to hear from someone who is sticking to the plan and getting good results, you have refreshed my faith in the diet.
Thanks guys - Im soooo shocked at myself ....... I have absolutely no will-power at all, never have done but Im finding SF just "fits" with me somehow - I can quite happily go along most of the day without eating, until I get a sore head and then I remember and start eating, so making me eat but not eat (if you get what I mean) works perfect for me.

And the Wii Fit is fabby - not missed a day yet! Over did it on the boxing the other day and hurt my back but did some Yoga last night and that's stretched it out and it's fine today!



What doesn't kill me.....
Great Job Mandy! I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. I cheat at night. :copon: It is something I haven't gotten over yet... after I eat dinner.. I want more more more. Even though I'm not hungry. I haven't really figured out the cure for that yet.

Sometimes I wonder if I should switch my main meal to Lunch time, instead of dinner. But I only have a half hour for lunch, and I imagine it would take me the entire time to eat it... and I hate that.. because I come on here during my lunch break whilst I drink my shake and munch on my 200 cal sandwich. (I don't think that is part of the UK SF version.. but we are supposed to have 400 cals at lunch.. so shake and half a sandwich... although by using light bread, which cuts the calories in half... I can have a FULL sandwich! *Angles Singing* :8855: )


Hi LR - thanks for your post - no the sandwich at lunch isn't really part of the UK version (I don't think!) but if you are hungry afterwards can you not use your snacks then?

I cereal bar at brekky + no morning snack (not hungry) + shake and 1 snack thingy about 100 cals at lunch + no afternoon snack (not hungry) + tea (can boost with missing 100 cals from afternoon snack if needed but not needed to) + 100 snack in evenings.

Im doing my wii fit in the evenings and by the time the kids are sorted, back from clubs, in bed and stuff, time for 1/2 an hour exercise (can't believe I just said that about myself!!) and then sit down, glass of juice and snack.

Why don't you try the main meal at lunch for a week and see how you go - if you plan for it and can make meals / get meals that work for you then it may be worth a try as the shake and snack/sandwich if you can at night would fill you up?

Well done Mandy, especially on sticking with it when you're family were eating all that! Great will power! I want to get a wii fit, sounds great fun, which makes it so much more interesting! I have a rowing machine, but get so bored with it lol! Can't afford a wii fit just yet, so getting a couple of dvd's to try.

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