Extra Easy First week - I gained 1lb. !!!


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Advice needed, please. Joined SW and have just finished my first week on EE. I'm a veteran of WW, so am very familiar with these kind of programs. Did everything by the book my first week, wrote it all down, ate lots of fruit and veg, measured my HE's, didn't splurge or scrimp on my Sym's, made sure I exercised (Zumba!). Didn't go silly on portion sizes and ate a wide variety of food (not too much pasta & potatoes).

I could almost understand maintaining but a gain? How (why) did that happen? Any thoughts?

Not giving up but not very impressed so far.... Help!
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Would it be your star week ?


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Are you going to class? What did your consultant say about it? What was your diet like before SW? Why not post your diary so we can offer some advice.

Sorry for all the questions! Don't give up yet - you really need to give any new diet at least a month before pronouncing judgement.


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Have you got a food diary? Might be worth putting one up so people can see if there's anything that they've found a problem in their own experience.

For me this week I am also gutted. I keep coming back to SW as I know it works. I've lost decent amounts of weight with ease in the past, yet this time I lost 3lbs in my first week and actually gained in my second (1.5lbs). I looked back over my food diary and i've had the right level of syns, 1/3 superfree with every meal, stuck to the plan 100%, so I was completely gutted. Having looked at it though, I've had a lot more green and EE days this time, which I had found before doesn't really work for me. So personally i'm sticking to Red days!

Stick with it though, I know it works and that when I get on the scales next week then things will have righted themselves!


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Thanks for your reply. Consultant said to keep at it, and hopefully I'd have a big loss next week. Don't have diary anymore - onto my new week.

I'll keep going - I'm not giving up. I didn't mean I wasn't impressed with SW. I meant I wasn't impressed with my weight gain! :)


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Did you have a bit of a splurge week just before you started your new diet? (I know I have in the past). If so, perhaps it was delayed effects of that? Clutching at straws here. :eek:) x


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Ylou say you ate loads of fruit? Were you eating it because you were hungry or because you like it? You're supposed to snack because you're hungry (my mum had this problem as shes loves fruit and was eating loads). If you have the healthy meals, HE's, syns then on top of that have 3 bananas, 2 apples, 3 pears, some grapes etc because you like them this will hamper any weight loss.

I hope you have a better weigh in next week