Extra Easy First week of EE


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Ok, first week back on plan since beginning of December, have really stuck to the EE plan this week- to the letter. Fought through the snow and ice to get to WI last night, only to find that i had STS!
So gutted. Going to give it another try this week but not feeling at all motivated now :-(
Everyone swears by EE- why wont it work for me!
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I tried EE in NOvember last year, stuck to it, kept a diary etc etc, got to the scales & had put 2 pounds on - I was gutted too so I went back to the Original & Green plan and just tend to have one or two EE days every now and again - I know it SHOULD work but I just don't get why when I do it I gain...:confused:


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Oh no, i am new and started EE plan nearly a week ago, finding it bizarre how much you can actually eat, it doesnt feel like a diet at all, and i am unsure if i will loose weight or not with it, i will find out on Saturday

Keep going maybe it is your body getting used to the plan....


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Not saying this is the case here, but in my experience most people who struggle on EE do so because they don't have the one third superfree foods, as without this there can be a tendency to overdo the carbs and proteins.


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Butterfly1 maybe this week try filling 1/3 of your plate with superfree fruit or non starch veggies and snack on only fruit and see if it helps.


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Did you do a food diary for your consultant? Did she offer you any advice?
All I can say is stick with it, I know it's not easy to believe but it will work for you. SW wouldn't tell new members to follow EE if it didn't work.

Please don't be despondant, it will work.


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here here, second what jaylou says .. i resisted and fought against EE for ages but i have to say dont think i could EVER go back to the red or green plan now... i love EE. It is so simple and so unrestrictive!
do the food diary and take it back to your consultant :)


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Thanks everyone.
I really have stuck to it and especially the 1/3 super free. All i have snacked on is fruit and carrot sticks!
I am thinking that maybe it's Christmas week "catching up" with me? I am a firm believer that it will come and bite you on the bum!
I will stick at it, especially as you all believe that it will work!
Thanks for your support- it really helps :) x


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Oh yeah- I did do a food diary and consultant couldn't seem to find anything wrong with it, so maybe it is just me taking a bit of time to get used to it. Red or green days and keeping a diary ALWAYS results in a loss, but EE is so much more "normal" eating! x


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It could also be the opposite case of you havent eaten enough. I think that can sometimes happen when switching from green and red to extra easy. You kind of become scared of eating things, because it is so different to what you are used to.

You say you snacked on just carrots and fruit. Does that mean you didn't use you syns? what about your 1 hea and 1 heb? did you use those up?


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well ive done EE all week and lost -4lbs this week . as mentioned in another post my boyfriend was shocked because all ive done is eat,eat & eat all week

i did find green days used to put weight on me due to pasta ect

i think it depends how your body reacts to food ect, eg) pasta and carb dont agee with me ect. so i know green day is a nono or a rare day

so i do EE but base it towards more of a red EE meaning less pasta ect ( hope that makes sense)

i have ate tons of fruit and veg all week too. it really doesnt feel like a diet , just more healthy eating

you never know ... i may change my view when i sts or gain lol


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It may be Christmas catching up with you.
When I have had a bad week it normally shows a week later.
Also as BritMum says, have you been having syns and your Hexa and b?


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Do you know- reading your replies is really spurring me on! Thank you. Yes I used my HEx A and B, usually on milk and weetabix or readybrek- measured/ weighed, or milk and wholemeal bread- toast.
I used my syns on things like sugar free jelly, a ferrerro rocher( my favourite!) or a chocolate biscuit! I did also have 2 small glasses of wine.
The more I think about it the more I think it's christmas catching up with me. Still sticking at it this week, tried smoked haddock and pea risotto from EE cookbook tonight- highly recommended!
Thank you everyone for your support- roll on Wednesday- IT WILL WORK! IT WILL WORK! xx


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Butterfly another girl posted the same about ee just like you only she lost half pound but i no exactly how you feel, like i said in other post im giving it a good go over a month cos i dont lose at first with ee i always sts put half on then lose a fair bit, i think once you give it a good go for a month and still no losing then maybe switch to green or red as i will but im hoping it doesnt happen :) good luck hun xxx


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Thanks Jacqui- hopefully next week will be much better. It's just so disheartening when you try sooo hard! The hard work must pay off next week! Good luck with your journey too! x


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I started on EE and find it great, I dont lose weight quickly as I have an underactive thyroid and fibromyalgia, but i have lost 1/2 stone so far.

also, last year on WW after xmas I gained 10lbs, this year on SW I only put on 3lbs extra, I think the normality of the plan - makes weight gain when you come off the diet less likely as long as you are eating normal every day food and not highly processed junk. I love EE