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first week of maintainance and have put on.....Help and advice needed....

Hi all,
Had my first weigh in after reaching target and have put 2.5lb on..............I did everything to the book and just had my extra healthy b........am devistated........Last week I ran 3 miles 4 times and did an 8 mile walk and 30 lengths of the pool.......how did this happen......anyway after weigh in yesterday was so upset I had a massive binge........thought I might as well have something naughty for the weight gain.....silly I know.......what went wrong...I did more exersise than I have ever done in my life last week and felt sure I would have maintained or even lost..........my consultant said dont have the extra b this week......it seems such a shame that I can't have the b when I have worked so hard over the past year and a half....I felt like she didn't believe I had been good...I weigh eveything still and write it down.............now after yesterdays munching I have probably put on another 2lb........any help and advise would be appreciated.........feel fed up.........:wave_cry:
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Oh yes carrying on my rant from the above post.......did my Davina DVD that nearly killed me to......ha ha......:8855:


aww Rainbow (((hugs)) not sure I can really advise anything as i'm yet to get to the maintenance point I just wanted to offer some support.

I had heard you just upped the h.e's to maintain :confused: so would not have thought that would have been it.

Have you been exercising for a while maybe all the exercise you have been doing is now giving you the muscles we are all after :D

Hope you get it sorted, i'm sure you will! you have done so well! x


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Some people cannot have the extra B choice (I think Julie19 on here can't).
Is it TOTM?

Yes it is hard that you can't have the extra but isn't that better than putting it back on again? Maintenance is REALLY hard work. I think it's harder than losing the weight as when you are losing you know what to do.
I maintain a bit differently to most - I stick to the plan properly and have extra treats. Not the right thing to do, but it works for me and if I gain then I get back on track without the treats.
I don't need extra B's normally so don't bother with them, although a treat may be a Hifi bar.

I would just relax. It is so hard to do but honestly, it will work out for you. You will never stay the same every week, it's still going to be about the ups and downs but you'll get there.

Don't rely on the exercise. That is just a healthy body bonus, it won't make you put muscle on that quickly but it won't make the weight fall off.

It seems sad that at target we have to ridgidly stick to the plans to maintain, but some people do. Your body will adjust to it's new weight though - don't be too down and forget about the binge.
Thanks guys.........do feel better when you can rant a little on here.......going to forget the binge.....it wasn't worth it......feel yucky today!!
I can't blame the gain on TOTM as had a hysterectomy 12 months ago...
Onwards and upwards...
Cant believe how horrible eating all that rubbish yesterday has made me feel.....feel so good when eating well.....so this yucky feeling today with put me off eating rubbish for a while.....it wasn't a treat by any stretch of the imagination...has given me heartburn and a terrible irritable bowel....
Shall see what next weeks weigh in brings.
Going t go for a run in the rain shortly.....
Thanks :)

Mrs V

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Glad to read that you are feeling more upbeat today Hun. Jaylou has given some really good advice as well as the others. Im not at target and have another 3 stone odd to go before I have the same kind of worries!

Take care

Aww hon that totally sucks. Unfortunately though sometimes our bodies do strange things :-( Its nothing you have done wrong hon, just a wee blip. Don't panic, and please still enjoy getting to target - you have done really really well!


Its possible after doing all the exercise, especially if its something you arn't used to then your muscles will be retaining water as they are swollen after exercise.

Yeh that sounds good to me....my muscles are holding onto water.....will use that one...thank you...:)
onwards and upwards as they say.......


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rainbow - if you aren't used to as much activity as you have been getting this last week - then your gain could in fact be due to water rentetion by the muscles - they build up water to protect themselves as you work them. It can take a week or two for them to stop this mind and for things to equal out.

Well done on getting to target though, and i'm sure you'll have that 2.5lb off before long.

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