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  1. bexybex25

    bexybex25 Member

    Hi everyone I'm new to Minimins as a poster so here goes!

    This is my third time attempting Cambridge, I love the diet when I get going but find it hard to get over a month done, something like a family event has always distracted me and I couldn't ever do it 100% again.

    But I'm on day four this time and I am doing a six week Easter challenge with my consultant I'm confident this time its target time.

    That's why I'm on hear to get all the help and support and tips on offer!

    Anyone else new to Cambridge or Minimins or both??

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  3. beckc

    beckc Member

    Hi Becky
    it my first time on minimins too. I started sole source 11 days ago. Had first weigh in last Wednesday and lost 8lb. Was hoping for more having read other posts but it's a start. Have got at least 6stone to go..... Seems unthinkable but hopefully got my head in right place to do it.

    i did lighter life 9 years ago and lost 6 stone in 15 wks. Put it all back on and more, tried cambridge last year but my head wasn't in the right place to do it.

    i find weekends the hardest so have just tried to keep busy and drink the water.

    Keep going we can do this. The Easter challenge sounds a good idea.
  4. bexybex25

    bexybex25 Member

    Hi beckc

    Eight pound is a good weightloss and your nearly at the end of week 2 so good luck :)

    I'm struggling a bit today as been at home most of the day but drank loads of water and stayed busy!

    The Easter challenge is a big incentive, for every pound I loose she is going to give me a pound off my products for six weeks!
    I want to loose about 6 stone too, the most I've ever lost is bout a stone and half but I first did it for my sisters wedding to give me a boost but now I'm doing it to get to target so hoping I have more realistic intensions.

    Cant wait to be weighed on Thursday ha!
  5. beckc

    beckc Member

    That's a brilliant incentive from your consultant. Mines ok but hasn't offered anything like that not even a discount when I recommended a friend to her.
    Can't believe on a sat night I'm ironing......anything to stop me going to food:giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:

    Fingers red crossed for you on Thursday.

    Happy water drinking.
  6. bexybex25

    bexybex25 Member

    I know the things we do!
    This morning is glorious so I'm in a good mood, eating my porridge and working my way through my first bottle of water!

    Have a nice Sunday!

    The incentive was to encourage people back I think but its her own incentive not set my HQ but it got me to consider it again and im so happy, cant wait to see the results!
  7. beckc

    beckc Member

    How are you getting on? I have struggled last couple of days but haven't cheated. I have just had no energy and not sure why as now on day 14. Got 2nd weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed have lost enough to make it upto a stone. X
  8. fahysgirl

    fahysgirl Member

    Morning ladies, this is my first time on both, day two for me feeling a bit light headed but ok, You both have done so well keep it up I'm sure you both will get there in the end. I've got 2 stone to loose by May which I'm determined to do as going on belated honeymoon(got married in feb this year). When we went on holiday last year I vowed that this year would be different for me and it's only I that can change ME so here goes day two and 4 pints of water lol, good luck x shell x
  9. beckc

    beckc Member

    Hi Shell
    Nice to see you on here. You can do this the first few days are hard but I found once I got through day 4 it just seemed a lot easier to get the water down. On day two I had bad headaches and ended up having a few early nights. I'm glad I haven't given into temptation.
    congratulations on getting married and what a brill incentive to have your honeymoon to look forward to.
    By May you will definitely have lost that two stone.
    Good luck today you can do it.
  10. fahysgirl

    fahysgirl Member

    Thank you becky, yes determined to carry on at it , don't feel too bad today it's only day 2 so time will tell, I've now found out that a bloke from work is going to the same place as me in Turkey at the same time, omg got to get rid of my wobbly bits now lol x keep me posted how u are doing and how much have u lost and how long ? Sorry about all questions lol x
  11. beckc

    beckc Member

    I'm sure by the time your holiday comes there will be no wobbly bits just a new glamorous you. I got weighed today and had lost 3lb on consultants scales and 6lb on mine. Was slightly gutted that hers weighed so differently but then remembered any loss is better than a gain and at least it's in the right direction.

    Just wish I could wake up and be 6 stone lighter, however as that's not going to happen just got to carry on with water and shakes.

    Hope day three is going well. Xx
  12. bexybex25

    bexybex25 Member

    Sorry ladies had a busy week interviewing for a job I didn't get! It's been a good distraction tho.

    My first weigh in was Thursday and I'd lost 12lbs in a week! I was so happy. I've had a bit of food too but all on plan like salad yesterday because I was around people at lunch. But I'm still in ketosis and don't have the urge to eat anymore.

    Day four was hardest for me too but I kept busy with baths and early nights.

    How are we all doing today at the start of the weekend?

    Bexy Bex
  13. beckc

    beckc Member

    Well done 12lb loss is fantastic. I'm struggling at moment not hungry but tempted to eat. Have stuck to plan and even drank more water than need but don't seem to have lost any since Wednesday. Was disappointed only lost 3lb on 2nd week as got so much to lose.

    Keep it up you are doing so well. Xx
  14. Wow 12lb is amazing!! We'll done :)
  15. bexybex25

    bexybex25 Member

    Hi ladies! Bec try not to weigh yourself mid week otherwise it can be disheartening. According to my scales I'd lost 2! But when I went I'd lost another four. I haven't been great with drinkin water this week tho so gunna make a big effort from tomorrow gunna try have least 700mls before I leave for work even! Last week I was having 3.5 litres minimum and I think that's y I lost 12! X
  16. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey ladies - I am currently on day 4 on SS. I love the Easter challenge your consultant is offering what a massive incentive.
    I have about 4 stone to lose in total and am desperately trying to lose 2 stone in 4 weeks due to a holiday and not being able to fit into any of my holiday clothes or bikinis! So in on a mega mission right now :) x
  17. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Well done on everyones great losses so far! I got back of holiday nearly three weeks ago now and been back on the diet for almost two weeks (but feels like forever). I have been on Cambridge for the past 8 months (not religiously due to things like Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays etc. getting in the way that I took the oppertunity to indulge) and even after that time coming back and being on week 2 again I'm finding really difficult. I still have another 1ish stone to go so have to keep reminding myself that it's not long now.

    Those big goals are acheivable but it's a very tough journey!!!

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