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first week on SW and I've STS

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by Sweethearts, 13 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    It's my first week on SW and today was my weigh in day and I've STS:( I know it's better than gaining but I feel as if I'm doing something wrong even though I'm sticking to the plan. So disappointed in myself:mad:
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  3. safc

    safc Full Member

    This is not unusal, believe me, keep going, it will work. Will watch out for your post next week with the loss you deserve if you stick with it. Seriously you are not alone.
  4. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    I really hope so, Thanks for the support. It's really dis-heartening when you've tried so hard and nothing comes of it but hopefully I get a bigger loss next week :)
  5. hey hun. you attending a class or doing it from home? xx
  6. ~JoJo~

    ~JoJo~ Member

    In the past when I've plateaued, i've usually found it to be, not because I wasn't following the plan, but for just a body change that was affecting my weight. Such as, eating too many carbs and my body just getting a bit bloated (so then, cut back and have more red days). Not digesting my food properly, so it is literally still weighting you down (chewing more, eating more slowly, stopping when you're full to not give your body to much work to do) or just my body getting used to a routine so doing more exercise every now and then to 'wake it up' or completely changing my recipes to eat different types of food. The classic one my mother is guilty of is retaining water, she never drinks enough!! :p

    Try not to feel bad, its probably just your body being a bit slow to adjust this week. Keep going! Mix things up and keep hydrated

  7. poohleen

    poohleen New Member

    I sympathise :( first week lost 4lb, but second weigh-in today and I've STS, devastated as I've followed EE to the 'T' :/

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