First week over, dodgy scales, and craving a lovely subway sandwich!!


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Hey all,
So my first week is over as of tomorrow, I had to go and pick up my lipotrim supplies today as busy tomorrow and got some of the flapjacks just to try. The peanut ones seem okies but the coconut, swear is made from something that was purged from the devil himself....YUK!! So grim.
Anyways I have been weighing myself on my home scales as the start weight I gave at the pharmacy was recorded of them, I have to say you peeps out there who said not to weigh yourself were 100% right, I weighed myself at the pharmacy scales (the 20p machine type) and weigh like a stone more than I thought, then got weighed by the pharmacist with yet a different result, so I am officially just going to leave the scales to the chemist:rolleyes:
Also have been struggling with cravings sooo much which is interesting because I am actually full, it seems that my food addiction is just in my mind, and boy is it a brain says if I dont get a subway sandwich soon I will die, but my tummy is not live and learn eh? Well Ill have to reset my shiny tracker and just class today as my start day even though Ive been doing it for a week due to the confusion of the scales. Week 2........BRING IT ON!:break_diet:
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thats the problem, according to my home scales a stone, but don't know how much according to the chemist scales because I originally used my home scales, I should of just started by weighing myself with the chemist instead of home, plus I weigh myself at home nude in the morning before I drink anything, always think clothes = extra pound or two :S So either a stone or unknown...........although I have shrunk and my jeans are in need of a belt :D heres hoping next week and can be more sure :p


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well done for getting through a week :)


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Well done for your first week, i have first weigh in tomorrow but will only be day 5 x


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well i would count it as a stone hun, if you weigh on ure home scales to start and then weighed on them again at the end of the 1st week i would say uve lost a stone!! well done xx


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Well done for weight loss whatever it is! As to subway, we are not supposed to post on this page about food, so just check out their web site and you will see how many calories and fat each sub contains and then you will think again!


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Thread moved due to food references


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Well done on your stone offf:happy096:

Just think though if you eat that subway you probably gain most of it back on again as the carbs will act like a sponge and soak water back into your glycogen store if you do it without refeeding for a week.

From here on you are like a fat burning machine and I look forward to seeing how much you lose next week!

If you start a weigh in thread in the Lipotrim weekly weigh in forum you can bump it up every week and have it as your personal record and it will be handy to look back on over the coming weeks and months.

Lipotrim Weekly Weigh In - - Weight Loss Support Forum


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hey peeps, sorry about the mention of the you know what thats kinnda yummy, I wont mention any food on the 100% forum again, scouts honer! Thank you all for your kind msgs about the loss, I am just not sure if its justified, its ok though I know I have lost and that's all that matters, I shall verily post in the weekly weigh in forum. Also just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all the support, its helping me more than you will ever know to keep this up. I hope all of you are doing well and have a lovely day, much love. xx


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I agree with lucy and mini, a stone difference on the same scales = a stone lost so very well done you.
Here's to week 2
x x x
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