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First week - tried SS+ but no loss

hi and welcome to mini mins

have u been drinking loads of water
Hi All,

I've been on SS+ for a whole week and just had my first weigh in but shock horror... no weight loss!

My CDC was a little suprised but said to carry on and see what next week brings.

Has anyone else experienced this? most people seem to lose loads on their first week!

hey Scott - that is a little unusual....had you already been cutting down on your carbs prior to starting CD SS+ ???

did you monitor your portion of veg/salad ?

did you check for ketosis ?

are you constipated ? (sorry....TMI :eek:)

and finally....are you drinking your water ??

you can't fail to lose weight on just 615+ cals per day....could be fluid retention or constipation....bet you have a great loss next week....:)

did you measure waist, hips, chest, thighs etc before you started ? sometimes the scales only tell half the story and measuring losses in inches is much more revealing for some clients.....

good luck for next week - keep us posted !

Debz x
Wow, what a quick response!

My diet is usually high carb/high sugar and this wasn't altered at all before SS+

I did try and monitor the salad/veg intake but not too strickly.

I didn't check ketosis - have some strips to test now so hopefully be in - or near to ketosis.

Yes, I am little constipated - probably need to increase the water intake I think. Although I am drinking 2-3 pints of water and will increase this as I am used to the volume increase (loads toilet visits!).


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2/3 pints isnt enough, need to be at least 2/3 litres!!
good luck this week - keep going! you WILL see a result! x
im on 4 litres a day
senekot is quite good 4 constipation
And you may of been slow getting into Ketosis(fat burning) along with the fact you drank not nearly enough water. Try atleast 4 litres if your a bloke. Also if youre 1st weigh was in the morning and this 1 in the evening that would be a few lbs difference. Just stick at it and make sure you get the water down you or you really are wasting your money as this is a vital part of the diet. Its impossible not to lose weight on so few calories so do it 100% and it will come off.


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I did try and monitor the salad/veg intake but not too strickly.

I didn't check ketosis - have some strips to test now so hopefully be in - or near to ketosis.
Hey, sorry to be the food police here, but how unstrict were you with the food part of your week ???

No loss is enough to send alarm bells ringing, the CD only works if you stick to it 100%, food portions, packs and water intake are imperative for success.

Wishing you better luck in your second week.

I was really strict today and drank my recommended water intake (if not more!) and it seems that my weight has dropped.

It seems strange but it looks like I've lost 2-3 pounds in a single day.

Lets see how the next few days goes.
Haha good good. This does happen, ive had 5 days with nothing then 4lbs overnight. Remember weightloss isnt on the clock, it will drop off as and when it feels like it. Stick at it anyway and you should be in for a bumper 2nd week. :)
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Hiya glad you are feeling more positive!

So you see how important the water is?? Drink drink drink & your loss will be huge by next week!! Good luck! x

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