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First week weigh in


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Thank you :) Good luck with your diet, it gets easier as the week goes on!

Ive joined in on some of the weight loss challenges, to help keep me motivated and it seems to be working so far.


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Good luck Linda! Im hoping to lose around 3lbs a week, hopefully a little more so I can get to losing a stone a month, that would be perfect!
oh god i have just had the banana shake and nearly threw up!!!!! i stupidly expected it to taste like the cambridge banana shake which i love and was thoroughly disappointed !!!

does anyone know if we can swap them in Boots as i have 6 more of them left :(
the choc mint one is even worse...yak yak yak

i have 11 more left :(

at this rate i may have to get back on the cambridge shakes but still follow the TF way !!!


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Hehe strawberry is nice, as is vanilla and toffee. Both the chocolate ones arent fantastic, I hated banana as well. The chicken soup isnt great but tomato and veg are ok.


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I lost another 4.5lbs this week yay
Hi there !

Hi girls , I'm a newbie and started the TF today .. I couldn't help myself and got weighed after my munch bar 4 breakfast and shake 4 lunch . The scales say I have lost 5lbs - surely not in a day ? I know it's nowhere near Peter Kayes 14s in a day, but I'm a bit worried !!!!! :sign0144: do you think my scales are on their way out ?


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Its a bit early to have lost any weight if you just started today...you could be down a couple of pounds tomorrow morning...normally the second morning is the one that should show a good result.

Best time to weigh is first thing in the morning after you have been to the loo...

You are drinking your water?
Thanks for that Mini - it must be my scales , unless I mis-read the reading last night ! I am drinking water, but probably need to drink more. Well done on your weight loss xx :)


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Well I restarted TF on the 25th of May and i've lost just over 20lbs in 5 weigh ins.


Trying Hard!
fantastic, well done you, how are you finding it?


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Easy to be honest, I know what I can eat and thats it, so I stay away from cheats as much as possible, that 20lbs is including a total blow out when my relationship broke up so I would have probably lost a bit more if that hadnt happened but apart from that, Ive totally stuck to it.

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