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First week weight loss!

Hello team! Just back from last night's second meeting, and first weigh-in after week 1.

Week 1's loss is...drumroll please....

12 pounds! Wooooo!

I am very excited. I don't think I've ever lost 12 pounds in my life. This was the second meeting too and I am happier with my LL counsellor as well. I think I was just looking for reasons to quit/change/waver before. We covered some basic 'all or nothing' thinking' and then driving home with my friend, we realised that all or nothing thinking affected nearly everything we were talking about, so it was really interesting. I'm not entirely sure how it links up to my food issues too, but that will probs come in time.

Anyway, I have bars now and I am savouring them! I think they're going to be my treat at the end of the day, or at TV time, but that might not be helping me break bad habits. What do you guys think about that? I am off uni for a week this week, but when I start in A+E next week, I will probs use them in the day as my lunch (rather than having to whizz up a shake or soup in hospital), so that might change.

I'm going home for a few days this week and am a bit scared about that because going home usually means being showered with food and treats and take-away by my lovely (but normal weight) parents. They are totally on side with me, but I know there will be food in the house so it's might be a bit of a challenge resisting. We shall see... Any tips?

Thanks for everyone's feedback this week, it's been marvelous and has kept me on track to lose 12 pounds. So brill!

John x
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way to go!
you must be thrilled

as for temptation when you go home - - well bottle THIS feeling os success and excitement inside and remember it when you feel tempted to cheat - - tell yourself that you wont feel this fab feeling at next weigh in if you cheat and you WILL be able to stay away from temptation!


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incredible first week weight loss, many many congratulations

That is such a great result John, you should be very proud.
I wouldn't worry too much about visiting home - all I would say is that you need to be open about your reasons for doing the diet with your family and ask for their support. However, I think you will be surprised how easily you stick to the diet at first - particularly with numbers like that ...

As you have probably heard a lot already on this forum - the first time you do this diet is the golden time, the longer you can go being totally 100% Abstinent - the easier the diet is and the faster the results are. So remember that the first time the fridge starts calling your name and you will be absolutely fine.

i love hearing about everyone's first weigh in - the excitement is just so infectious I am grinning from ear to ear for you.

Well done
Terrific, John! What a result! I hope you enjoy your time with your parents - just be really straight with them and ask them to support what you're doing. If they feel like showering you with stuff I'm sure (as a poor student) you can suggest plenty of non-food items! It's good practice to get your family (and yourself) used to the idea that you can have a good time together without food. This is something I need to work at, too. Good luck and congratulations again!:D:D:D
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Well done John, you must be so pleased, especially after your crisis of faith at the weekend.

Write down now exactly how you feel about the weight loss, how much confidence it has given you and where you want to get to. Keep that note with you and if you find yourself wavering take it out and read it, several times if necessary.

I agree with Zombie and CC, if your parents are on side then explain to them the importance of this and suggest other things they can treat you to. It may be hard to be around if they are eating, depends on how resolved you are, but you could plan to go for a walk when they have their main meal.

As for bars as a treat, I wouldn't worry about that for now, they are a BLOODY treat, you can actually chew something.

Good luck for next week.


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Well done John!!!

))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))12 pounds!!!:happy096:



Love Mini xxx
Congratulations, John.

That's a fantastic start to your LighterLife journey. Wishing you every success for the weeks ahead.

And keep posting!

Best wishes.

Mrs Lard xxxxx

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Wow! You must be on a massive high now :D

I'm not really jealous that you blokies lose it so much faster than us girlies :p :D

When it comes to your family, I suspect you will get some negatives because lets face it the VLCD flies in the face of conventional 'wisedom' abou the best way to lose weight.

The key to bringing around those that care for you is to highlight that this is a doctor supervised programme.

Not only that but what other programme gives you therapy? You can really ham up that for you although losing the weight is important in the short to medium term, your long term goals is to tackle your weight issues in such a way that you are able to make better choices for yourself in the long term to keep the weight down.

Who could argue with those 2 points? ;)


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Way to go there John. You'll have lost your first 3 stone in no time - I'm sure the reason there are hardly any blokes here is that they all finish LL in about 2 months! (and that's not that much of an exaggeration!)

Keep going! The only way is down!
Fantastic Week 1 result John. And the boys really do keep up the high losses, so if you stick with it you'll be there in no time.

You asked for some advice on the bars - all I would say is try not to think about them as 'treats'. You've already second guessed that it's a bit of a crooked thought. I think of them as the ultimate convenience, and try not to make them anything more than that!
Anything which can turn over old beliefs around rewarding yourself with food will really really help.

Another thing that worked well for me at the start was keeping a list of all of the events that I managed to get through. I've done weeks overseas on business trips, black tie do's, big family events, holidays and even got through many flights in business class (which I maintain is like a force feeding event in itself) all in abstinence. Not to mention the pub, general nights out...the list goes on. Basically it's just amazing how many events you can get through that you think are going to be a nightmare. And the longer you do the easier it becomes. If you take nothing from the expert Mini's, then take Chunky Chicken's advice on the Golden Time. It's not called that for nothing!

Keep on keeping on, you're doing brilliantly :D
Hi John,

What an amazing first week!!! Well done you - you should be really proud of yourself!

Good luck with the trip home - you can do it - just remember how great you are feeling now.

Keep us updated.

Vicky x
Hi there,

Well done John. I've been reading your threads and I am glad to see you have made it through to the other side of your indecision. Well done on the brilliant loss. That's the kind of motivation that really keeps you with it.

Don't worry about going home. I feared the same thing when I went to stay with my parents but they were so chuffed for me that they were really supportive. I'm sure you'll experience the same thing.

Good Luck this week.
Fantastic John, well done! :clap:

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