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First Week

Jessie 888

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Good luck for tomorrow, hun! If I were you, I wouldn't bother telling your unsupportive family or friends about your weight loss because they might make a thoughtless comment like it's only water .. or you'll put it all back on again! Be thrilled about your loss, share it with understanding souls on here and wait patiently for your family to be impressed too! ;)
Yeah I agree, Im on week 4 and my friend text me last night and said "are you eating yet? are you drinking yet and I mean real drinks?" The last thing you need is people's uneducated comments, so just smile to yourself and be proud of your achievement!x
Good luck with your weigh in :D and prove all them unsuportive people wrong! xx


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good luck with your weighin chick hope u have a good loss x
aww sat at my desk smiling my socks off now after reading your comments! Thanks a lot! Got weigh in at 4.30pm so shall update you then! Oh and I noticed on a thread somewhere that you can add coffee to the vanilla shake to jazz it up a little! I did that this morning and it was immense!! Loved it!! I actually dont mind any of the shakes and the soup, they all taste fine to me. (Do taste like porridge though!) I am getting on fine with black coffee but mixing coffee into the vanilla shake really felt like such a treat!

I seem to have overcome a difficult few days..the last 2 days have been a lot lot lot easier. Long may it continue! I am sure there will be ongoing ups and downs but today is a good day. (Hope I am saying that after weigh in!).

I also have booked myself in for a couple of spray tans, eyelash extensions and a manicure over the next 2 months which is super duper. I have decided that from now on beauty treatments and perfume are going to be my "treat" not food and alcohol!

Thanks again for your supportive comments! :)
thats brilliant aislinnmullins, fab first week loss, bet you very motivated to carry on now :)


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Well ladies! I am absolutely over the moon full of weight loss smarm! 13lbs loss on my first week! What a boost!! Full steam ahead!! :)
Hey mind blowing loss!! Now you will be motivated to stay 100% and continue, well done:D
:clap: that will give them non believers summet to chew on wont it!!!!!!! Fan bloomin tastic Well done x
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good luck aislinn!! every little day helps and gets you there :)
WOW!!!! Well done on that huge weight loss. That is so amazing!! Be so proud of yourself.
Feck the begrudgers hehe..
I did it 2years ago and just kept it quiet from people as I got a bit sick of explaining to people what I was doing. I'll be the same this time.
Looking forward to the diversion therapy of sorting out my wardrobes, cleaning like a trojan, getting my walk in everyday.
Best of luck on your journey xx
Thats excellent,lots of motivation keep it up
13 lbs............wow well done :)

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