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First Week

Hey guys this is my first week- started on monday. The shakes are fine- enjoy the Choco-Mint one, I have strawberry, choco and butterscotch- don't very much like the others. I am having a problem with the water consumption :( I am making the shakes with around 400-500ml water and have a cuppa a day but can't really seem to get the water down, any tips :( feel really tired and weak too :(
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Is determined!
Hi Maheen,

I have a 750ml 'Drench' sports bottle and i try to drink 1 between 8 and 12, 1 between 12 and 4, and 1 between 4 and 8, i cant drink any after that or i'd be up all night running to the loo!
It is really hard, people do say it gets easier though, so stick with it!
I had a baby 8months ago and my pelvic floor still hasnt recovered! So i'm constantly running to the bathroom
All i can say is keep the bottle to hand so it reminds you to keep taking sips regularly.

Good Luck xx
Well done for starting! With the water, i have 1l bottles and i try to drink 3 a day, one between brekkie and lunch, one between lunch and dinner and one in the evening. I also drink black coffee.

Have you tried sparkling water? Lots of people say it helps them drink more water!
Hi Maheen, I'm starting this week too. I admit, i haven't found the water too bad, but do have a mixture of sparkling and still. The sparkling also helps you to feel a bit full. Remember that it's any of your allowed fluids, so legal teas, coffee and the flavourings all count too.
Good luck for the first week.

Diddums- just wanted to say that I first starting looking at this forum back in January when I was working out whether it was for me, which is when you were just starting- I have learnt loads about it from your thorough questions and am pretty inspired by how well you've done. Thanks!
Once you get to week three then you can have the water flavouring, I found that it helps, I make up 2 litres a day with 1 teaspoon of flavourings and put it in a jug with a lid on the kitchen worktop, much easier to drink at room tempreture than cold from the fridge or tap. Good luck.
Hi i am on day 4 of my 1st week and too finding the water conusmption hard.

But i think it is important part of the diet so am getting thro it.

I have a pint with each meal, 1 pint thro the morning 1 pint thro the afternoon and 1 in the evening so i am consuming about 6 pints a day at best.

Yesterday i only had 4 and had bad constipation this morning but had a couple of pints and i am all clear again! :D Might be coincedance but not risking the constipation again :eek:

Good luck X
I'm def going to try the sparkling water today. Does the 4 pints include the water we use to make up the shakes or is it seperate. I am going to try my best to keep up with the water consumption, don't want constipation.

Is diet coke allowed? I would love to drink that. How does it effect ketosis and weight loss?
Hi Maheen,
I can only report what my very up-front CDC told me. Water is as well as your shakes, but also includes all other drinks. You can have diet coke, if you really feel you need to, but limit it as much as you can, no more than a couple a day. She was of the mindset that, say you're in the pub with mates, it's better to have a couple of diet cokes than feel rubbish on your water and give in to a wine.
Don't know about the scientifics of it all, but if it helps, maybe that's all that counts?

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