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First weeks weigh in and Pepper!

Hi everyone, this is the first ever time I have posted on here - after reading this site all week when I felt I was going to give up. I just wanted to let everyone know that today was my first weigh in and I lost half a stone, to be honest I was a little gutted as I had exercised every night on my new wii active - it is amazing!

So i mentioned that I felt like giving up to the chemist as I tried so hard and she asked if I varied from the programme at all - the only thing I had done is put pepper in the chicken soup and she said that that would slow down my weightloss.

I just wanted to let everyone know in case they were doing the same.

Thanks again for posting on here - it's day 5 for me and you guys have kept me going!

L x
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Well done on your weight loss - 7lbs is nothing to be dissapointed at! What other diet would you lose half a stone in one week?!!!

Most people know about the pepper although some use it and it doesnt affect them, your just unlucky i guess lol But still, better off for not adding anything to the shakes or soup that were not allowed :)
hey you still lost 7lb - not to be sniffed at!

i added pepper the first few times i had the soup and still lost plenty. but of course you can't really tell if you'd have lost more. best to know now and not use it again.

WElcome to the forum - you'll find loads to chat about here :)
Thanks guys! I know it's silly to be gutted but ideally would love to lose about 5/6 stone and I don;t know how long I can last on these shakes - it's not that I don;t enjoy them, just the effect it's having on my social life! Going out for meals and drinks is what all my friends are doing, and I don;t yet feel strong enough to go out!!!!!!!

Congrats on all your weight loss - does it get easier the longer your on it???


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laura - it takes a few weeks for your body to recognise that what you are doing is it's normal routine - just give yourself time and hopefully soon enough you will be able to go out with friends and not be tempted by food or drink. Many of us on here have gone out on nights out, family occasions etc and not given it so it can be done!

And besides, sacrificing a few months of your social life to live years longer really is nothing! :)
I am one of the lucky ones who's really had no bad effects on LT (not even week 1) but the general concensus is that yes it gets easier.

PLus, seeing how much you lose is a fantastic motivator that even when you struggle you have a weigh in and lose say 6lb and realise what other diets you *couldn't* get those kind of results on...

I'd encourage you as well to maintain a social life - the more you go out with boozehounds and don't drink the more you get used to it (as do they!). You get to save loads of money, lose lots of weight and still have a really good time - they spend loads of money on empty calories and suffer the next day for it.
I've been out for meals and just drank coffee/water, bit dull but in a group it's fine. PLus i've become obsessed with food smells :)
Cheers guys - you've convinced me to go out this weekend now! Totally right, I kinda see this diet as penance for bingeing for 6 months, and it's good to know that others can do it - i'll stop whinging and suck it up ;-)


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yay good for you girl! go out and enjoy yourself! you can always drink sparkling water and pretend its gin and tonic or something - just close your eyes and imagine! :giggle: xx


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No problem laura - this is what this forum is about! :D x


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done on your weigh in!!

Good luck, you can do it!!


Here we go again!
Hi Laura and well done on that first weight loss, that's great!

You can still have a social life whilst on LT and still have a great time. Watching others around you getting drunk is great fun and you don't have the hassle of a hangover the next day.

Good luck on this, not that you'll need it. LT is a brilliant diet and you will lose all you want to.

The time flies so stick with it 100% and all those pounds will soon be gone!
well done on the weigh in you should be pleased


Positivity is the key
Hi Laura,
congrats on your first weight loss, you did very well. Remember to check your exercise, toning is fine but seemingly cardio or aerobics can put you in starvation mode, so be careful. Best of luck next week.

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