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First Weigh In and plans for today

Hopped on the scales this morning to see im 16.3:eek: oh well I am never going to be that weight again I have a migraine and feel a bit sick at the moment probably caused i od'd on choc last night god knows why?!? My menu for today is:

B- Cornflakes (dont really like them but dont want to use 1/2 unit for all bran lol) (0)
skimmed milk(0) Banana (0) Pineapple(0)

L- Jacket Potato (0) Beans (1) More Pineapple and Yogurt (0)

D- Fajitas. Peppers, onions, mushrooms(0)
4x Tortilla (4) chicken (2.5) salsa(0) milky way(1.5)

Total = 9
now this seems like quite alot of food and I am little concerned but will see how i feel later really hope this works xxx Katie:cool:
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Sounds like a good menu? What is worrying you about it?

It is hard to imagine losing weight whilst eating all this food but from what i've seen of others who have done it, it really does work!!
My thing is - give it a month, stick to it and see!!
Thats whats worrying me I have been doing ww been starving and not really lost any weight cause i kept binging as was so hungry, I just really want this to work x
Hey guys,

Giving it a month is great idea!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

Your food plan looks great and if you are honest, while it seems like a lot of food, it's all low fat, healthy and well balanced at every meal. Ooops just realised that I am a bit of a hypocrite, am doing CD because i'm scared to go there with food! And sat here wondering why it is that we know what to eat - but we don't do it - hence getting into this mess in the first place!! I too got rubbish results at WW (also too hungry) and SW was too much of a free reign!

Stick with it, really can't wait to hear how you're doing. I might switch over when my first stone is off on CD.



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A month is more than a fair trial, and you will probably find as you go along that the food is sufficient to keep you full without you being bloated. Good luck - sounds like you are well prepared. :D

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