Slimming World - First Week Weigh-in Woes


Hi Guys,

I joined slimming world online and did my first weigh in this week. My sister, mother and friend are all doing it and had amazing losses in their first week (between 4 and 6lbs) and unfortunately I have stayed the same. I've kept a food diary all week and have kept track of my syns so I have no idea what I've done wrong. I was just looking for some motivation and to see if it is common for some members to stay the same in their first week? I just dont know if I should give up on SW and maybe it isnt the right diet for me but I dont want to believe that as I have been enjoying it so much (I never thought I would put those two words together: enjoy and diet)
It is not unusual the first week to stay the same or even gain as it can take time for your body to adjust to a new diet.

If you have a food diary here it would be helpful for others to have a look over to see if they can see if there is something you could adjust to help.

I have seen people do really on their second week of their chosen diet compared to others in their first week.

Hang in there!
I totally agree. Quite a lot depends upon what you were doing in the days / weeks running up to starting slimming world. Some people even see an initial gain if, for example, they were doing vlcd or slim fast or something.

You may also be eating too much, too little, not enough hex or syns. It may be that time of the month. You may have eaten a big meal that shows on the scales. We fluctuate as a gender many times during the month for a variety of reasons.

I second that you should post a food diary for a couple of days of what you ate and invite commentary. It can be really useful to have others opinions. Many of us on here have done this diet either for a while or in the past so we can help. There are also some consultants lurking. Or there used to be anyway. :)
Thanks - it's good to hear that there might be some reasons why. I was doing a calorie controlled diet before this so it could be that, it could also be the fabulous mother nature's impending visit! I have started keeping a detailed food diary since Monday as before I was only counting my syns and not listing everything I had ate. Last week I was having fruit and muller lights for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch and then for dinner I was trying some of the recipes on the site (mostly pasta).

I think if I don't manage to lose anything again come Monday I will share my food diary and reach out for some support but hopefully it is just a first week hurdle and come Monday I'll see a loss (fingers crossed) Thanks very much for the comments, it helps to know it's a common thing and not all hope is lost!
Well done 3lbs off - brilliant
I have just returned to SW after many months off plan but a common misconception on SW is 'oh it's a free food so I can eat &peat & eat' but at the end of the day everything has calories therefore by all means eat free food if ur genuinely hungry. Keep up the good work x
Hey guys, I did my weekly weigh in this morning and I was 4lbs down :) Hoping to keep up the good work next week as I've been working really hard to stick to it and I want it to be a new start for me. I'm so inspired by some of the success stories on here but I just dont believe it can happen to me. I will keep trying though :)
That's excellent well done!!! :) :)