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First weigh in and wow!

Hi all

after having lost a couple of stone on slimming world last year and now having put it back on i found this website during january, i gave up smoking for new year and couldn't get my head around dieting at the same time, in fact definitely overate to compensate for lack of nicotine, anyway i'm rambling as usual :eek: but after reading posts on here and being especially inspired by starlight i decided to give weightwatchers another try (have tried it in past but never really given it my all).

Joined last saturday thinking saturday morning is brilliant for a weigh in, if you have a bad weekend at least you have week to put it right, yeah i know that hardly sounds like the right attitude planning to have a bad weekend before you've even started really do need to sort my powers of reasoning out!!!!

Anyway definitely rambling, sorry to those of you who are starting to nod off now, i stuck to the points plan 100% this week although was guilty of eating a bit too few points a couple of days and never went over once, religiously wrote down every single thing that i ate, and managed to eat cereal for breakfast every day ... never really been an eat in the morning person but i've read so many times how it's vital for you, in fact if i was going for a degree in dieting i'm sure i would pass on the theory knowlege but definitely fail on the practical side :eek:

and the result was i managed to lose 8.5lbs and was so pleased i was on a high yesterday all day, never quite believed the old 'nothing tastes better than success' line but yesterday it definitely seemed true. It has given me a real incentive to stick with it and instead of a bad weekend have been really good (so far), bit disappointed to have lost a vital point in the first week from having gone down a stone but even that i can see in a positive light.

Starlight you really need to talk to weightwatchers about them giving you a commission for all the people you inspire to join, you have such a positive attitude and are a brilliant help to people who are struggling!

Hopefully now have had the courage to post once will be able to again!

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WOW how fantastic! Well done you
Here's to a good second week
Welcome aboard and congratulations on 8.5lbs thats absolutely fantastic.

It just still amazes me when anyone says my weight loss has influenced them into starting WW, I guess having been overweight for so long its hard to still think of it on a positive level.

Look forward to hearing how youre doing

Oh and Saturday is a brilliant day for a wi ;)
hi paula

thanks for asking. still sticking rigidly to the points, struggling to drink the 2 litres of water a day though, made a concerted effort yesterday to drink it all and got there in the end, from amount of times had to get up in night it's obviously having the desired effect lol.

trying not to let head get carried away this week and expect another massive loss like last week although obviously would be brilliant. in past have always failed when have disappointing weigh in especially if i was hoping for a better one. is very easy to get optimistic at this point and so am telling myself that a couple of pounds will be good (not sure if i believe that deep inside though). Fortunately don't have scales at home so i don't have the getting on the scales every morning and hoping for a result, so by time i get to my class on saturday morning will probably be a complete nervous wreck, was this week and had no idea that i'd lost anything like that amount, certainly meant i drove home with a massive smile on my face and singing out loud (very loud) to a cd.

hope you and everyone else out there is doing ok and having a brilliant week.

caroline x
:eek: OMG wat a brill loss, how did u do it???
not sure how it happened really, never in all years of dieting have i had weight loss as good, hopefully will continue to give me the incentive to carry on being really good. have stuck to points and written down everything i ate. probably my body has gone into some kind of shock ... gave up smoking for new year and now this lol

thanks though it really is lovely to come on here and read a comment like that, is amazing even just reading the threads on here the difference it can make to your willpower and resolve

caroline x
Second weeks weigh in

Hi, well second weigh in Saturday morning showed a loss of 1lb, was initially disappointed but do realise was probably not quite as strict as the first week and having read back through my journal it doesn't all sound quite as healthy, so giving myself a serious talking to and hopefully next week will be marginally better. Do know 1lb loss is still good, just as only second week had hoped for slightly more.

Good luck to everyone else.

Caroline x


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lb is a good weight loss, i learned that, i used to be on ww and was expecting to lose loads first week and didnt, but realised as long as im losing im happy
hi paula

yeah feeling a lot more positive today. had an excellent weekend foodwise, showed restraint that i didn't realise i possessed which left me feeling brilliant. cooked a big roast dinner, well 3 courses, for family last night, one son is 21 this week and daughters boyfriend joined the police today, and am pleased to say avoided the roast potatoes completely and when they all had this lovely looking chocolate brownie cake i had a weightwatchers chocolate mousse, never managed to do that before, but eating that and avoided picking at the high fat pudding probably tasted just as good as eating it (hope that makes sense).

so anyway, it's onwards with it all this week, weekdays really easy at moment, have special k with skimmed milk when get to work and a tin of soup with a couple of slices of weightwatchers bread for lunch. work right out in country so we have no shops to pop to at lunchtime without a bit of a drive, so leaves most of my points for evening when i need them. still making a real effort to drink the two litres of water a day, get close most days and the lovely weather means am trying to go out for a walk along beach every afternoon (finish work at 4 so still have some daylight). i have a real sense of wanting to do this, won't say haven't picked at odd chocolate or picked a chip off kids plates or anything cos i have ... would never make a saint!!!!

feel really energised this weekend though, not sure whether it's the weather (suffer from quite bad depression and am definitely affected by the weather), or whether having given up diet coke and other fizzy drinks and squashes for lent is helping.

this weeks aim is to cut down on wasted points in evening on treat things and restrict to just one sweet treat a day.

how's it all going with you.

hope everyone is having a brilliant week!

Caroline x

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