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First weigh-in today :)


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A little of everything!
Way to go!!! The first week is a great motivator.

Oh- good luck with the flapjacks.... ;P
well done you, what a fantastic loss! and yes as irishmum said good luck with the flapjacks :sign0137:
flapjacks are disgusting!!!! i brought all mine back and changed them for choc n strawberry instead!! i tried but couldnt bring myself to swallow it, coconut n peanut flavour...dats a gross over exaggeration....n flapjack...also a lie!! more like lump of cr*p dat ur body doesnt want no matter how much ur craving to bite something!!:jelous:


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LOL! That sounds intense! I'm really eager to try em now just to see if their as bad as people say haha ^^


A little of everything!
Have a big mug of black tea/coffee with it and it's not that bad.....




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I'm eating the peanut one atm, and I've got a pint of water, I've drank half a pint just getting the first bite down. O_O

Smells like a rabbit pen, and feels like I'm eating that stuff you stick pins into to pin up papers in offices etc. (don't know the name haha) I guess it's not that bad, I hope the coconut is better and I'm glad I only got one of each haha
poor u aaron!! yea dey are like corkbottle noticeboards!! haha, i like d description!!
go u for trying them!! i just took one bite!!
good luck!!
Fantastic Arron . You started the day before me . Its great having a wonderful first loss . It sets you up for week 2 . Keep it up .


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Whoop, whoop, whoop!

Fantastic weight loss Aaron. You'll be at goal weight before you know it:D
Fantastic first week loss, great motivation to keep at it! Good luck and you'll be at goal before you know it!


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wahey! well done on your loss!! :)

And the coconut 'flapjack' is sooo much better than the peanut one! lol


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Well done honey!! I told you you'd have a huge loss this week...knew we should have put money on it :p How long did it take you to get the flapjack down then lol?xx


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You might not believe me, but I've only eaten 3/4 of it haha, I'm still working on it :D it's been here for almost an hour now :) I WILL finish it I am determined! ^^ and thanks for all the lovely comments guys I love them :) I'm going to save the coconut one for tomorrow... already had too much excitement for one day ;) haha


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Lol aaron! :)


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Ohhh i believe you alright! I always thought it was like eating one of those cork coasters you get haha. I have to say i'd gladly have no food rather than one of those :sign0137:

Try the coconut one tomorrow with a cuppa...mind you...it might be like a hob nob and drink half yer brew lol x
Well done Aaron, excellent loss, you will soon see those excess pounds falling off. You men seem to lose it much quicker than us ladies. Good luck for next week hun.


Here we go again!
Well done Aaron, that's a great first week's loss to get you on your way. Should spur you on for next week too.

I only managed 3/4 of a flapjack too, couldn't stomach the rest. Good luck for next week and keep up the good work.


Slowly but surely!
Well done on your loss hun :) x


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Fantastic loss - well done!

I have grown to like the coconut flapjacks and so have got a peanut one this week to see if my taste has changed towards them The first one I had went down ........ eventually ....... I just wasn't sure it was going to stay down!

Your tastes will change though so don't right anything off permantently :)

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