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First Weigh in Tomorrow but a few questions today

I have been doing SS for 6 days now and to be honest haven't found it that hard (I did some preparation beforehand and did have headaches during that but none since). I have a few questions, some might be a little silly but please be kind.

1. Exercise.

I do quite a lot of exercise, Tae Kwon Do, three times a week and also a legs, tums and bums class once a week, is it ok to carry on with this, I'm worried that over exerting myself will make me feint of something like that - I have low blood pressure but haven't been feeling dizzy generally.

2. Parties

I am doing sole source and am hoping to do so until I reach BMI 25, I have a couple of parties coming up, my birthday and a leaving do and I am planning to stop the diet for those, however I have read on here that drinking alcohol is dangerous while you are in ketosis, so how do you stop it and how long does it take. I want to make sure that everything I do is as safe as possible.

3. Flabby bits

I want to loose 3 stone and I am worried that I will end up with baggy skin where the weight used to be, I have been like this for around 10 years now so the skin in well and truly stretched.

4. Maintenance

The biggest heckle I am getting is that the weight will come straight back on, if I follow the maintenance plan from start to end will this happen.

I'm also worried that I won't loose much weight this week, I have stuck the diet, no cheating at all (although last night there seemed to be food everywhere so I just went to bed at 7 to avoid it - a nice treat actually). If I weight myself in the morning I can see my weight reducing (from 6lbs to 1.5lb so far) but if I weight myself in the evening I weigh exactly the same as I did when I was first weighed. My weight in tomorrow is in the evening so I am really worried that I won't have lost anything.

Any help is most appreciated.


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1. Exercise.
Went to my Tae Kwon Do class tonight and the instructor didn't have a break for water (which IMHO is stupid but he is meant to know best, grrr) so I ended up feeling really bad. I'll see how I get on tomorrow but if it carries on like that then I will have to have a break from it. Fitness training is definitely out if I can't even manage a technical class.

It's a bit depressing really.

Not one to be put off by no repsonses (lol) I'll post what my CDC said to me :

Exercise : Weight may come off quicker if I exercise during SS but I must be sure to keep myself properly hydrated, she said to have two diets before and keep one for after and to drink plenty of water before and during exercise. As it happens I did a technical Tae Kwon Class today as well and had only had two of the diets and I was fine, I had a bit less energy that I sometimes have but I coped fine.

Parties : Plan for them, use them as a goal to help stick to the diet in between, come of SS the day before travel, try to stick to food without carbs if possible and then go straight back to SS when you get back because if you leave it to long then you might not manage to get back as easily.

Flabby bits : This was the best bit ... I won't necessarily be all baggy when I have finished this, she showed me some photographs of other people that had done the diet and they looked fantastic.

Didn't talk about maintenance this week. I'm feeling really hopeful now about this diet. I've lost 5.5 lbs on week 1 which I realise is low but that is a months worth of weight watchers so I am very happy.

:p Hi Jan, Well done 5.5lbs is a great effort for your first week. I lost 7lb in my first week and remember feeling disapointed because my sis in law had lost 12lb. Everyone is different. I have been exercising too so I like to think it's because I am retaining muscle! Ha Ha! Having said that I lost 2lbs in my second week and 5lbs in my third, so a stone gone in 3 weeks! I bet you will be the same! I know people on these forums hate cheaters but I have had a bowl of chicken soup tonight after my step class (2 shakes during the day and loads of water) coz I feel I need something hot after. It's whatever works for you as this will help you to keep going and not quit. I find drinking the water the hardest thing and feel very bloated a lot of the time. Have had some nice comments from people at work today.............does make it worthwhile!
Have a good day tomorrow!
Oh, also about parties etc....I have had a party each weekend since being on CD and have managed my weight losses despite several meals out so it can be done (again the 100% gang won't like me for saying that!)
It's funny actually because I had my WI between my class and my final diet of the day and I had been planning to have a shake (having stocked up at WI), but after the class I felt like I needed something hot as well so had a soup.

Very encouraging to hear that you have managed to loose weight even with occasional parties. Thanks for posting that.


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