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First weigh in tonight - have i failed?


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No, of course you haven't failed. You've been to a bbq and enjoyed yourself, you can still do this on SW. Wait to see what the SW scales tell you before you get too disheartened. I would suggest planning ahead next time you have something special planned so that you can plan what to eat so as not to feel as though you have destroyed your hard work.


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wait until WI, my scales are a bugger for not moving yet the SW scales at WI have shown a loss. Keep the faith and good luck. Let us know how you have got on xx


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Please remember that this is a lifestyle and not a quick fix diet so you WILL have the odd set back and that doesn't mean you have failed or undone all your good work. If the scales don't show a loss then just draw a line under it and repair it again next week
Thanks Taz thats great advice. I know it works so I just have to move on. I've gone that already today and I get weighed tonight so i might in for a surpise - you never know!
Our dreaded home scales, eh? Mine are saying I STS even though I've been 100% this week! I don't get weighed til Wed so there's still hope. I don't know why we weigh at home when we pay to get weighed at class! Maybe we should have a scales amnesty and bin them all!
ive given up with my scales, they have said 10stone for about 3 weeks even though i have lost 3lbs and with my clothes on at 7.30 at WI im now 9.13, trust the SW scales honestly.

taz is right this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, its something you can keep doing and enjoy, you need to indulge in lifes luxuries or you will fall off the wagon. you just have to stay in control and count your syns. hope your feeling better


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I have a 'day off' or Fat Day as I like to call it every week. That way I can have what ever I want without counting and the rest of the week doesn't seem like a chore. I know that after WI I have treats to look forward to


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Come on couscous - tell us what happened!!!
Sorry I left my laptop at work so I couldn't update it. I lost 1.5 lbs so I'm really really happy (and yes I'm going to throw out my scales.) I sometimes have a blow out after my weigh in but last night I stuck to my green day as planned and I am over the moon.

Thanks for all your help and support, I honestly don't think I could do it all without you (hugs given all round)
see, dont rely on your own scales and always go off sw scales :D well done, dont get yourself down when your doing great


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Well done you!
stay strong keep your head up for next week! x

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