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First Weigh In Tonight


nearly there!! :)
oh well done on the run and good luck with tonite keep us updated!!!


Me on the right! x
I second that.. well done on the run! Fingers crossed for tonight! x


nearly there!! :)
hey how ya get on with your wi?
I can't believe it! I lost nothing........... I've been good as gold, exercised, drank 2 litres of water a day and i've lost nothing :cry:I don't get it?????????

On a brighter note though my Mum lost 6lbs and my Dad 4lbs :)


Silver Member
Awww sorry you have been disappointed, im sure you will see a reasult next next. I know from experience how bad you feel when you expect one thing and see something else on the scales :hug99:


nearly there!! :)
awh no!!! from experience id say you were really down but dont worry keep it up and u will def see a result next week!!
its prob a stupid question but are u measuring simple stuff lik milk and butter??
i no it doesnt sound lik much but it does add up spec if u eat a good bit of it!!!
oh and congrats to your mom and dad!!


Me on the right! x
So annoying isn't it?! Make sure you take your measurements - if you're in training you'll be losing inches and so won't be so upset when the lb's dont drop off as quickly! :)

Bet you have a HUGE loss next week!!
Thanks everyone. With any luck i'll see some improvement next week. I am weighing absolutely everything. Even bought ww scales just to be sure! Fingers crossed i'll get some off next week.
Sorry to hear thats, its so frustrating isn't it? If it helps I did the Moonwalk last month (powerwalking marathon) and when i weighed in a few days later I had only lost 1/2lb! I was gutted, my leader said that my body had gone into complete shock doing the marathon (you don't say!!! I was shocked by the time I had finished it) and therefore my body held onto the fat! I'm sure you will have a great week next week.
Thanks everyone. It's just so frustrating, after all who'd have thought exercise would hurt my diet!

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