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first weigh in - woo hoo!

Lost 5lb in my first weigh in and am so pleased!! Was worried as I've been having a life this week (going out with friends and hitting the booze) but have been syn free other than that. I'm so motivated and really looking forward to hitting club 10. I've got a BIG night out tomorrow, but as I'm a Thursday weigh in I'm hoping I can be a bit better than normal on a night out and also make it up before w-day.

PLUS - I'm 3 stone lighter than I was when I started tackling this weight thing properly (was weight watchers, but it didn't do it for me)

Woooo!! First time I actually believe that I'll make it to the size I want to be. And that in itself is amazing.
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Congrats on the loss! You must be very pleased! It was my first weigh in since starting SW properly last night too, I lost one pound, so not quite as impressive but still mega pleased with that!

I would have been happy even if I just maintained, I can't believe I have been able to eat so much food and still lose a pound!

Keep up the good work anyway, and long may the losses continue :D

a pound off is great - have you seen that thing about what a pound of fat looks like?

i'm weirdly stressed after losing the 5. i had a naughty ish week with the wine and i have a night out coming up tonight and i'm convinced it'll all go back on and then some next week. although i'm mostly motivated, it is weird to think that if i do this thing properly i'll finally look like i feel like i've wanted to as long as i can remember......
congrats :)

i lost 5lb in my first week too and 3lb in my 2nd week, its my weigh in day on a wed and have been good this week so looking forward to wed as long as don't cheat in next couple days :)

I love my nights in or out with friends ;) i try not to use any or many syns on a normal day and then when it comes to my night out i've got a weeks worth of syns :)

have you had your second weigh in? how'd you do???:)
incredibly i lost 4 pounds! so that's 9 pounds in 2 weeks. And I've been eating and drinking like normal. Now I'm stressed about my third weigh in - I was at a friends on Sat night for a BBQ and have had my parents over this weekend so I need to get it together. My next weigh in is Thurs evening....I'd be disappointed to stay the same, but I'd accept it easier than putting some back on, which I'm worried about. It'd be great to try for another pound off..... I'm just under 2 stone off my goal and if I make that weight, it'll be the first time since Uni I've weighed that!

Ramble over.....let me know how you get on on Weds x
I had a tough couple of weeks after going out with friends and looking after my two godsons but managed 7.5lbs over two weeks so I'm a happy bunny! Heading back to work tomorrow (I'm a teacher) so will need to get planning my food so I don't snack! :rolleyes:


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi you guys, well done to all of you newbies!! You're all doing great! Be patient with yourselves and you'll do it! I'm in my 45th week now, and overall it's been slow progress but I know now that this is for life and I'm happy chipping away! It's amazing how quickly the time has gone since I started and I'm delighted to be 52 lb down! There have been frustratingly slow times but it's important to just keep going, enjoy life along the way and eventually we'll all get there!!X
wow funcurls - 52 pounds is amazing, well done!!

Thanks too for the wise words, I need to learn not to put too much pressure on myself. Thankfully, I love the SW lifestyle and it is teaching me to make healthy choices and COOK, which makes me feel great so it's a bit of a love in so far :)


Never gets tired of SW!
Thanks Loumoo, as I said it's because I've been doing it 10 months now! It has been slow, about 1.2 lb per week on average! I've had slow months where I've hardly lost a thing and months where I've lost 1/2 stone! It all balances out in the end! And I like to keep the saying in mind 'a dripping tap still fills a bucket'! I'm like you, really enjoying cooking more! I think we're spoilt for choice with all the recipes! I have them coming out of my ears- I don't know what to cook next!! Good luck, you're doing really great! I think it's about getting the balance between being focussed and disciplined when it comes to controlling syns/the naughty stuff/following the plan properly and really enjoying your food and not depriving yourself! I think that if you love cooking you're laughing really as you know exactly what's going into the food and there are so many free recipes!!X
Hi to all !

Hi everyone :)
Re-joined SW last night and am so glad I did, it was nice to be back and I feel really motivated:D I like the dripping tap fills a bucket quote ! I will remember that when I have the inevitable not-so-great days/weeks ! I am inspired by all the wonderful stories on here xx

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