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  1. jacq

    jacq Member

    hey guys, had my first weigh in this morning

    Lost 5lbs, was really really hoping for 7. its my TOTM tho and do feel really bloated, can time of the month really effect weight loss?

    Feel a bit down about it as ive tortured myself for a week and really thought id get 7lbs, my CDC was really nice about it but now im worried she'll think ive been nibbling all week when i honestly havnt! believe me i'll be the first to confess!

    Anyway sorry to moan, just feel a bit sad that my first weigh in was a bit of a let down :(

    Hope everyone is having a good day xxxx
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  3. sarahlasvegas

    sarahlasvegas Full Member

    5 is a good loss. I dont have huge losses and admit i do feel disapointed sometimes when i have my weigh in - but "slowly" but surely ive lost a stone in 4 weeks. and its a " " for the slowly as it isnt really slow is it!

    keep up the hard work and it will pay off :)
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  4. Nellyphant

    Nellyphant Silver Member

    I only started today so can't help you out too much, but I think sarahlasvegas's post makes sense. Chin up!
  5. herewego

    herewego Gold Member

    TOTM can make a difference, so you might see another good loss next week. 5lbs is not to be sniffed at although I understand that it's disappointing to not lose as much as you had hoped.

    Just keep going and you will get great results in what feels like no time at all!
  6. amm451

    amm451 Do Over

    Hi Jacq,

    please don't get downhearted.... you have worked so hard to get through the first week, in my view always the hardest. good vibes coming your way:vibes:

    5lb is amazing for one week. Which plan are you on?

    Did you do a ketosis test? Some people take longer to get there than others so perhaps that and your TOTM will mean an unusually large drop next week! Keep your eyes on the prize and you will soon be the new slender you.

    I'm on day 3 of a restart having lost 6 stone 2 years ago. It is also TOTM for me and my scales have moved up not down so far.... I am trusting there will be a loss before the week is out. But this diet works there are plenty who will attest to this, Its not always easy if you stick with it you will get there:)

    Good luck

    Anne-Marie xx
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  7. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member


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