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First weigh in :(


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What diet were u doing before SW?
I had this same problem when coming off the Atkins diet and going straight onto SW. Once your body gets used to the carbs again the weight will come off hun. Dont be disheartened xx


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Don't worry. Write everything down, stick to plan and i'm sure next week you'll have a great loss. Stay with us :)
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some people in class last week were saying that they find that by having green week they gain, pasta pots etc seem to bloat some people up which means a gain.
chin up hun, and try the red week this week hopefully will be better for you.


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That's such a shame, don't worry too much about it - it shouldn't matter which days you do though but like SJ said it could be your body getting used to it. Do you keep a food diary? It may be worth doing one so we can have a look for you.

What advice did your consultant offer you?


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S: 17st3lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 6st2lb(35.68%)
Thanks for the words of encouragement guys - it felt like a kick in the teeth this morning :(

Before this I was doing SureSlim which is just protein, salad, fruit and veg (all in limited quantities) - averaged about 500 cals per day. You have blood tests so that they can tailor the diet, and mine showed that I was borderline diabetes with a high sensitivity to carbs. So I guess I should have realised that I can't just go in with green days and everything would be hunky dory.

I did write down everything I had during the last week, but I'm going to start a food diary on here now.


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Blimey, if you were only on 500 cals a day I would say it's your body's reaction to the food!! Think people moving to SW from CD/LT have similar first weeks.

I'll look at your food diary, stick with us. xx


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There's your problem, suddenly going from 500 calories a day and no carbs, to lots of calories and carbs in one week....that's why your body has retained some water I should think.

Please don't worry I had problems in my first weeks until my body settled into the SW way of eating.

Starting a food diary is an excellent idea, because you can see if and where you have gone wrong, and there are so many of us only too willing to give you advice on you food menu.

So chin up you'll see you will have a loss next week, hugs coming your way, ))))))hugs((((((( X


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OMG! After eating only 500 calories a day your body will be holding onto every single calorie it can get for fear you're going to go back to starvation levels. It may take a few weeks for this to level out.
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wow, theres your answer then! 500 calories a day is nothing!!
your body will adjust, i wuld try to varie your red and green days though, dont go OD'ing on green days.


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Maybe try doing one red week, then gradually intruduce green days back in, and increase them as time goes on so your body has a chance to get used to carbs again:)

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Hey Huni...dont be disappointed about the gain (I know that's easy for me to say)...as the others have said...you have just come off a plan where you were eating virtually next to nothing, so any food you introduce now will be stored until your body realises you arent going to starve it anymore!
Try having a few more Red Days to begin with...I tend to have 2 Green and 5 Red days...I never have a green day before weigh in either as I tend to bloat and gain weight.
Keep at it and the weight will shift in the right direction before you know it!

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