First Weigh In


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Hi everybody!

I'm a newbie to the site so, Hello!

I'm so excited because I've just had my first weigh in and lost 9.5lbs...woo! Which is 10% of my target, so amazing! :D

Unfortunatly, I've come home and I'm now feeling soooo hungry! I haven't felt like this all week so not too sure what's going on but I've had some water and one of the shakes so hopefully this will pass before too long!:p

Does anyone else get like this and what's the best way to stop it?

Lots of love,

Starfish xxx
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Hi and welcome!! AND great weight loss.
Normally i get this feeling at least once a week, usually night before weigh in or weekends. Just keep reminding yourself how great you have felt since being weighed today and how disappointed you would be if you ate something now. You would absolutely put all the weight back on straight away if you had something after just 1 week so keep up the good work and stick to it.
Go have a bath or try something on which used to be tight, there may be a difference. Have some fizzy water or keep on here and we will try our best to take your mind off feeling hungry. It's awful and i do really feel for you but you can do it, you have done the hard bit getting through the first week.
Have you given yourself mini goals, that is always a good one and the best bit is deciding on the rewards you can have when you reach them, eg jewellery or spa treatment or new shoes, you get the idea.
The food will still be there when you are feeling better with your weight, just remember it's not forever. hth


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Hiya and welcome aboard!!

Well done on your first loss thats bloody brilliant!!

Definatley have a nice big cold glass of water and the feeling will pass!!


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Fantastic first loss - well done. Stick with it - the desire to eat will pass. As the girls say, have large glass of fizzy water.



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Thank you ladies!

They're great tips and I will definitly think about what goals I would like to set myself. I was thinking about setting a weekly target, but then my sister, who has already lost 5 stone with Lipotrim said sometimes you don't lose as much in one week and you've not done anything different than before, so having rewards when i get to x stone will be a really good thing to look forward to :) Just need to decide how to treat myself now lol xxx


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im a newbe to glad you did so well on your first wi mines tomorow hope its ok nervouse now lol everyone has done so well.

good luck

karen xx


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
Great stuff star fish, yes your sister is right. This could be your biggest weight loss 1st week, for most it is. Then you could lose a small amount one week and think i can't believe i didn't eat all week for that loss BUT stick with it as it will even itself out. Think along the lines of a stone a month loss. You sound more motivated already, good for you!!


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well done on your weight lose i also had my frist weigh in but it wasnt that good as i sipped at the weekend so only lost 2lb but still it is 2lb my fiance has to put in my tin lol xx keep up the good work i have to go all through the hard bit all over again lol :)


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hey welcome aboard you seem to have your head in the right place good job. and how brilliant are you for losing that in your first week.brilliant. best advice is water water water!! x


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welcome and great first weeks loss, roll on week 2 lots of people go through this, that feeling will pass just take extra care have lots of rest, don't overdo it and you will be fine. xx


on the up lol
Heya and welcome :) is a great wi, well done


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Welcome and WELL DONE - amazing first week loss!
Be sure to stay on here and let us know how you're doing.
Good luck for your 2nd week.


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Heya ,

Well done on a gr8 1st week.

Yes your losses can slow down a bit but then again you may have another good loss next week. Besides what other fiet can give you a weight loss of about 1st a month!!


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Welcome Starfish and well done on your loss!!!!

I am hungry most of the time, unfortunately I am one of the unlucky ones, even when in ketosis, I still get a hunger feeling! But I just keep gluggling the water and it takes the edge off! Secret is water,water, water....oh, did I say water!!!!!!!!!!

Have some black tea/coffee a well, if you like it and I find peppermint tea takes the edge off it too and if I feel sick with the hunger,this definately soothes my tummy!

Good luck on Week 2!


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Well Done Starfish great loss. Keep it up