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First weigh in

Hi all, my first weekly WI and I have lost a staggering 2 pounds. Disappointed it's not the stellar results I had hoped.

I am putting it down to;
being a natural slow starter (was like this on LL too)
Not enough water
Too many milky teas
A couple of glasses of cava
Not enough exercise

So this week I will be even more 100% ;) than I have been and up the water. I'll also get out for a 20 minute walk most days and do a dvd at the weekend.

Seems unfair that I was probably knocking back over 2000 cals per day last week and have gone down to fewer than 1000, and still get these results but there we go.

Onwards and downwards
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Hi Gina,
It's still 2lb in the right direction. Definitely avoiding the alcohol should help, as will upping your water intake. I used to find when I was just healthy eating I would always lose more the weeks I remembered to drink more water. But well done for sticking with it and congratulations on losing!
Hiya, as Littlered81 said still a loss which is great.....perhaps try a week 100% and see if that makes a difference !! On the rare occasion i've nibbled on some cheese i find that the next day i'm the same weight ....when i'm 100% i can lose up to 2lbs overnight !! xx


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Aww hun, def no to alcohol and up the water big time. I like my tea n coffee milky but instead of milk im adding some vanilla shake powder. The coffee turns out really creamy n yum. Give it a go...!

Stay positive babes.
Hugs xxx
Hiya Gina...firstly..a loss is a loss not matter how small you think it is..If you are determined to do it 100% TS this week i bet you have a lovely loss at the end of it...

It does seem hard when ya feel ya have only had a few extras but maybe the wine and milk etc is affecting ketosis more than you realise...loads of carbs in wine hun...I'm sure ya will crack it especially if you can up your water intake to 3-4lt a day..

I hate drinking the water but i just keep it next to me most of the day and keep sipping..it soon disappears..

Chin up and well done for the 2lb..them 2lbs will soon turn into half a stone then a stone etc xxxx


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Don't fret Gina! I think there should be a club for us people who had slow starts/low losses in the first week! I


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*pressed enter before I was finished!!!* :D I reckon we should just buck up the water consumption, stick 100% and see what happens with next week x Don't be disheartened, don't feel down, get excited again! :)
Thank you so much for the encouragement, everyone. I was reading this thread at work today and wiping away a little tear at your kindness :)

No tea or coffee today, just coke zero and water. No other extras. So much water (4ltrs) that I was barely out of the ladies lol

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