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First weigh in


I wondered if any of you lovely experienced people could throw any light on why I've only lost 3lbs in my first week on TFR.

I've been 100% good, the only thing I've had is a couple of painkillers for back ache - would that have an effect??

I'm feeling very disheartened, I've got to admit, I was expecting a hell of a lot more :(


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Do you have any water retention issues? Also, a female friend of my lost very little weight one week due to her being on her *ahem* period. If you still to it then 'the calorie gap' means you'll lose a lot of weight.
are you drinking enough water? i found i hardly lost last time on one week when i didnt drink enough water. pain killers shouldnt affect it as i have taken a few of those for the headaches and still had good losses. i am sure you will have a really big weight loss this week, stick at it and see :)
I think it depends which painkillers..... Water is def a big thing... make sure your drinking enough.....

Also your big first weigh is mainky water...... If you didn't eat that may carbs before you would have less stored water to lose..... Or if you have come from another diet maybe!!! x
Thanks for your replies, I haven't been dieting before starting this no so its not that. The painkillers are cocodamol, shock the chemist said were ok, but I've tried not to take them since, just in case! Thank you so much for your messages of support, I'm quite enjoying doing the diet, which is surprising ;) but would have liked to have seen a bigger weight loss in week one!

Btw I'm drinking minimum of 2 lighted of water a day, do you think I should up my target to 3 litres???


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